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Whether you’re a new mom, a parent of a child with a developmental difference, a working mom or a parent looking for help with their toddler’s latest behavior phase, you can find parenting advice, support and connection with NPN.


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Parenting Advice Topics

Working Moms
Tips on juggling your two (or more!) jobs—mother and employee
New Moms
Connect with other new moms and watch videos on infant care
Raising Good Kids
Thoughts from parents on raising a city kid
Support and resources during your 10-month journey
Sleep Training
Videos on infant sleep and more on that precious commodity
Healthy Children
Keeping kids well, both mentally and physically
Articles and discussion about partners, in-laws and more
Techniques, tips and tricks from experts—and parent experts
Potty training, separation anxiety and managing kids’ moods
Developmental Differences
Support group, fair and more for parents of kids with special needs
Travel With Kids
Trip ideas and strategies for a fun family vacation
Working mom hacks: Tips and tricks to make your life easier
Coffee alone won't cut it. Parents who work full time need a plan to get out of the house on time in the morning with everyone fed, dressed and backpacks packed—without tears. (No one would blame you ...
What to expect when you’re expecting a Chicago baby
Preparing to give birth in the City of Big Shoulders? Get ready. In addition to a generally friendly Midwestern vibe from passers-by, there are a handful of little-known watch-outs and hacks that Chic...
Talking to kids about racism
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash   “Mommy, why are people protesting?” “Well, some people did some really bad things to a man named George Floyd and people want everyone to know that ...


How to help a struggling spouse?

Hoping for some NPN wisdom here for those with more marital experience than me 😅    If/when it seems like your spouse is struggling (hair trigger temper, disrupted sleep, abnormal reactions to fairly mundane things), any advice on how to help them find their way out of a funk?   ...


If anyone has taken Wegovy, Ozempic or a GLP-1, can you share your experience?  I've been prescribed Wegovy by my primary but haven't been able to get it filled at my pharmacy, but I'm a bit leery.  Would be curious to hear if you lost weight, how long you were on it, did you gain weight back once y...


Spin-off of Gotta Vent. Share your “wins,” “happy moments” and whatnot. Nothing is too big or small to celebrate!     ...

Length of bedtime routine

Our bedtime routine for our kids often takes 1.5 hours and involves both me and my spouse. I find this incredibly draining. Is this typical? If not, how long does it take you? We have 2 preschoolers.   On the rare times that I do it alone it takes me 45 minutes. I tried unsuccessfully to a...

Are dementia diagnoses helpful?

I figure many are in my situation of both caring for both young children and dealing with aging parents. I’m wondering if my parents could be helped with diagnoses of dementia. Both are living at home for now and need to be in long term care. One has more physical demands, but both seem to be unrave...

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Happy Campers: Finding (Screen-free) Fun at Family Camp

As soon as we arrived at Family Camp in Michigan last summer I started to lose track of time. We had decided to take a family vacation at a kids sleep away summer camp for a few days. Ostensibly it was to introduce our two kids to camp. But I was also curious to experience the classic American summe...

Chicago Tribune NPN Feature: Kids like to swear. Do I blame Olivia Rodrigo? Or do I blame myself?

This is an excerpt from the Chicago Tribune's latest column, Kids like to swear. Do I blame Olivia Rodrigo? Or do I blame myself?, written by Christopher Borrelli. This column features a quote from NPN's Executive Director, Amy Johnson. I turned to the parent next to me and asked what she was g...

Returning Home from Vacation: Five tips to ease the transition.

If you’re like most parents, returning home from a vacation with children can leave you feeling like you need a vacation from the vacation.  With a little planning though, you can re-enter your routine with ease and even work in some much needed “vacay recovery.”  Here are some top notch tips for he...

Fueling Healthy Adventures: Tips for Nurturing Picky Eaters on the Go

Embarking on family adventures, such as road trips, airport travels, or exploring foreign lands, often poses the challenge of picky eating. A change in routine, exposure to new environments, and the availability of unfamiliar cuisines can all contribute to a child's resistance to trying new foods. A...

Making Travel Au-some

Traveling with children can be fun, exciting and challenging and traveling with a child with a special needs child adds a whole new dynamic. I’m a mom of three: I have one 3 year old son and 5 year old boy/girl twins and my oldest son, Owen, has autism. To get ready for a trip, whether that be an ou...

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