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Whether you’re a new mom, a parent of a child with a developmental difference, a working mom or a parent looking for help with their toddler’s latest behavior phase, you can find parenting advice, support and connection with NPN.


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Working Moms
Tips on juggling your two (or more!) jobs—mother and employee
New Moms
Connect with other new moms and watch videos on infant care
Raising Good Kids
Thoughts from parents on raising a city kid
Support and resources during your 10-month journey
Sleep Training
Videos on infant sleep and more on that precious commodity
Healthy Children
Keeping kids well, both mentally and physically
Articles and discussion about partners, in-laws and more
Techniques, tips and tricks from experts—and parent experts
Potty training, separation anxiety and managing kids’ moods
Developmental Differences
Support group, fair and more for parents of kids with special needs
Travel With Kids
Trip ideas and strategies for a fun family vacation
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Working mom hacks: Tips and tricks to make your life easier
We asked our working mom members their top tricks and tips for keeping themselves and their kids happy and sane despite hectic schedules.
10 things I taught my daughters to prevent bullying
This mom knows her daughters won’t dish out or take any type of bullying behavior because of the 10 philosophies her family lives by.
What to expect when you’re expecting a Chicago baby
Pregnant in Chicago? Here are tips and tricks from seasoned Chicago moms about being pregnant and giving birth in Chicago.


Mother’s Day for people have lost their Moms already

My Mom has been gone over 10 years and still every Mother’s Day weekend I’m weepy and sad.  I think part of it is also the build up of the weekend and the feeling that your supposed to have these gran...

Tips for whitening trays

I got some whitening trays from the dentist yesterday and I used them for the first time last night. I must not have done it correctly, because I have a couple of teeth with some brighter white spots....

Covid Vaccine and Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Has anyone noticed anything strange with their period following vaccination? I had my 2nd shot 2 weeks ago this week; period started 9 days early; extremely heavy (using products I haven't used s...

Newborn photography recommendations?

Hi all!   Looking for a newborn photography recommendation. We live in Lincoln Park. Thank you in advance! ...

But when do you have the time?

The skin care and laser care and botox threads, among others, make me think of something I often wonder: but really, when do you have the time?    I think I am not organizing my life well. O...

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Given the challenges for mothers and all caregivers in this pandemic, will it be any different this year?

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How to talk with young children about race and racism

Reintroducing play dates in a post-pandemic world

How to help kids get reacquainted after a year off

Covid and PTSD: How to handle the whirlwind of emotions

Do you think you have PTSD from a Covid-related stressor? Here's how to manage it.

Read this before getting a pandemic pet

Before committing to a pet, be sure to ask yourself these questions first.

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