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Whether you’re a new mom, a parent of a child with a developmental difference, a working mom or a parent looking for help with their toddler’s latest behavior phase, you can find parenting advice, support and connection with NPN.


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Parenting Advice Topics

Working Moms
Tips on juggling your two (or more!) jobs—mother and employee
New Moms
Connect with other new moms and watch videos on infant care
Raising Good Kids
Thoughts from parents on raising a city kid
Support and resources during your 10-month journey
Sleep Training
Videos on infant sleep and more on that precious commodity
Healthy Children
Keeping kids well, both mentally and physically
Articles and discussion about partners, in-laws and more
Techniques, tips and tricks from experts—and parent experts
Potty training, separation anxiety and managing kids’ moods
Developmental Differences
Support group, fair and more for parents of kids with special needs
Travel With Kids
Trip ideas and strategies for a fun family vacation
Working mom hacks: Tips and tricks to make your life easier
Coffee alone won't cut it. Parents who work full time need a plan to get out of the house on time in the morning with everyone fed, dressed and backpacks packed—without tears. (No one would blame you ...
What to expect when you’re expecting a Chicago baby
Preparing to give birth in the City of Big Shoulders? Get ready. In addition to a generally friendly Midwestern vibe from passers-by, there are a handful of little-known watch-outs and hacks that Chic...
Talking to kids about racism
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash   “Mommy, why are people protesting?” “Well, some people did some really bad things to a man named George Floyd and people want everyone to know that ...


Nashville hotels

We are going this summer for a few nights—so many options.  Looking for a fun, walkable location….a pool would be great too.  Thanks for your recommendations! ...

Please share your ideas about an easy, inexpensive, and rejuvenating Spring Break...

Haven't planned a thing yet, for our family of 3, (including 13 year old), and we all need a break and are on a budget...   Ideas welcome! ...

Where do you stay in Napa Valley?

Hotel? Airbnb? We will have three families in our trip and we could stay in an Airbnb or a hotel. It looks like there's no airbnbs that I could find. Also what kind of cost am I looking at or seems reasonable for the summer? ...

Insight on Lurie hack duration?

Does anyone have insight as to how long the Lurie systems will be down? Since no one has a crystal ball, I’m assuming the answer is “no one knows for sure”…but I’ve been trying to schedule a surgery for my kid that isn’t life threatening but very much impacts her quality of life and I’ve just gotten...

ADHD med side effects?

We are new to the ADHD med world and just started my child on 5mg of Adderall. Anyone know if side effects happen right away or if they take awhile to develop?  Yesterday seemed ok with some mild side effects but I'm wondering if we would know how it impacts her on day 1 or if they could come up as ...

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What Is Breastfeeding Medicine?: A Guide for Parents

Does this sound familiar? You have a breastfeeding problem and go to your doctor, who looks back at you with a blank stare. Or recommends you switch to formula. Or sends you to another doctor who doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. It happened to me when...

Everyone is Talking about Gentle Parenting - We Should be Talking About Attachment

There aren’t many topics that seem to ruffle feathers like the “Gentle Parenting” debate.  And honestly, it makes so much sense. At some point the term Gentle Parenting came to be associated with permissive parenting, lack of boundaries, and parents who seemingly never get upset or raise their voice...

Parent Hacks: Master Your Next Family Vacation

As winter settles in, many people cope with the change in weather by planning their next family vacation. But if your last family vacation has you wanting to never venture out as a family again - you're in luck!  We've gathered the top travel hacks from NPN members on how to master your next fa...

Tips on Explaining the Israel-Hamas War to Your Children

As parents, it's our job to do everything we can to make our children feel safe and secure. So it's only natural to default to avoiding topics that may frighten, concern, or cause panic in our children. But what should you do when the topic impacts you directly because of your religion or beliefs or...

Making Friends As An Adult - Why Is This So Hard?

If you'd asked me where I'd be in 2023 as a teenager - there's no way I'd ever guess I'd spend my weekends couch surfing with my kids while watching Disney movies that I've seen a thousand times...and enjoying it. My social life as a teen/early adult was that of scene from a pop-themed movie. N...

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