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Travel With Kids

Plan a getaway with your kids—and get tips on how to make it the smoothest trip possible. There are tons of vacation options just a short drive from Chicago. Looking for a trip outside the Midwest? Our members have lots of advice on the best destinations for sun, sand or snow.

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5 family-friendly Midwest vacation spots you can drive to
Want a family vacation without the stress of plane travel? Try these Midwest vacation spots in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana.
How to do Disney World and Disneyland right with kids in tow
A Disney veteran dishes on ways to do Disney on a budget and with fewer lines and kid meltdowns.
5 rules for traveling with caregivers and kids
Traveling with a nanny or au pair to watch your kids can be a godsend, but be sure to lay out your expectations before you leave for vacation.


10 hour drive with 6 and 4 year old

I’m considering a trip to North Carolina to see a friend next spring in North Carolina. It’s a 10 hour drive and I have never attempted anything over 2.5 hours with my two kids who will have just turn...

Xmas/Winter Break - Travel Plans

Given current covid projections from CDC and the hope that our youngest will be vaccinated next month, we are making plans to travel for winter break....but EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE is booked! Argghhh. W...

When do you book flights for spring break?

We never fly at spring break but are going to take a trip this year in March. Can you tell me roughly when I should be booking flights? They look low right now to our destination but the seach engine ...

Pico car seat

We have 3 kids under 5, with two in front facing car seats. We have some travel planned (first in about 2 years due to the pandemic) and are trying to figure out how to deal with car seats when we fly...

Uber in Orlando

Planning a trip to Disney and probably staying in an AirBnB.  Has anyone relied on just Uber to get them to and from Disney and Universal parks?  Thanks.  ...

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Tips and tricks for flying with a baby, from preparation to gear to bring to how to best navigate the airport.

5 tips for traveling with extended family and kids

Going on a trip with your extended family and kids? Here are 5 tips to make sure the vacation goes smoothly.

The secret to traveling with kids? Planning, planning, planning.

The keys to a successful family vacation are planning ahead and making sure everyone's needs and interests are taken care of.

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