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Whether you need a nanny, nanny share or camp during school breaks, NPN can help you find childcare in Chicago. Learn how to choose a great nanny, then go to the Childcare Classifieds, where parents post recos for childcare providers they love but no longer need. School-age kids have tons of options for fun, engaging camps. Don’t miss our annual Summer Camp Fair in February!

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Find a Nanny
Resources for finding a trustworthy, loving nanny
Chicago Daycare
How to choose a daycare provider and find one near you
Chicago Camps
Learn about summer and school break camps, and sign up for our next Summer Camp Fair
Childcare Classifieds
Post an ad or browse parent-recommended nannies

Featured articles

How to find a nanny
Choosing a childcare provider can be a daunting process. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect nanny for your family.
7 ways daycare changed our lives for the better
After 18 months of having a nanny, this Chicago mom put her son in daycare. Here's why that child care decision was right for her family.
How to tell if a summer camp is a good fit for your kid
How to vet a summer camp for your child: the questions to ask, the signs to look for and how to ensure the safety and happiness of your child all summer long.


Families Together Co-op Nursery School Admissions 2022-2023

Looking for an exceptional preschool? Families Together Cooperative Nursery School in Edgewater offers a welcoming community with outstanding teachers, a research-based approach to learning through pl...

Summer Camps for 10yo Boys

I could use some suggestions for summer camps for a 10yo boy, currently in 4th grade. I work full time and don't have childcare so full day camps are best.    Last year he went to Fred's and...

Sleepaway Camp for 10yr Boy - Only 1 wk Maybe 2

Will be going into fifth - two weeks is the absolute longest.  He's not super sporty. Thanks for your recommendations. Anonymous poster hash: c9f3d...e36 ...

Estimate for nanny employer taxes

Hi NPN! I did search, as I know there have been many topics on this over the years, but I couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. Please feel free to redirect me if there's a relevant thread. We a...

Anyone changing their desired number of children due to covid?

Anyone else reconsidering how many children they wanted due to Covid? I always thought 3 would be nice but Covid started when my oldest was a year and I had my second last February and I just feel com...

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Interviewing, screening and selecting potential nanny candidates can be a daunting task, but it is an important part of finding a nanny that is a good fit with your family.

Summer camp in Chicago: When, where and how to sign up for summer fun

Looking for a summer camp in Chicago? Use this guide to start your search and get ideas from parent recommendations.

Where to find childcare in Chicago at the last minute

When you need childcare at the last minute, these childcare services and babysitters in Chicago could save the day.

Preparing for your child's first overnight summer camp

How to manage your and your child's emotions about the first summer at overnight camp.

5 rules for traveling with caregivers and kids

Traveling with a nanny or au pair to watch your kids can be a godsend, but be sure to lay out your expectations before you leave for vacation.

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