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  • 💯. It’s so annoying. 
  • It’s not here yet!!
  • Totally agree!!  It's ridiculous.  We finally caved and did 2 this past year for my 6th grader (said I'd never do).  There are little to no other options if they are good or really good.  It drives me nuts that there aren't more mid-level options with shorter seasons.  If these options were more prevalent, I think more kids would stay in these sports longer and more would play multiple sports.  Most of the kids on these teams are mid-level.  I will to try to keep the athletic diversity going but

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Spring Cleaning Success! An NPN Shopping Guide
Ahhh the fresh smell of spring. Followed quickly by the strong desire to toss everything! I like to channel Marie Kondo when it comes to spring cleaning…if it aint sparking joy, it’s gotsta go! But it’s a new year and I’m ready to try new things so here’s my list of spring cleaning must-haves. ...
Empowering Your Family's Financial Wellness: Why Learning About Crypto is a Must for Financial Literacy Month
With April being Financial Literacy Month, there's no better time than today to start learning about cryptocurrency! Here are three ways to learn and start conversations about financial literacy with your children....
Presence Presents: Giving the Gift of Experience
Choosing a gift can feel impossible at times. It may feel like we’re giving toys, clothes, or other items that may just collect dust or be re-gifted. We know that experiences tend to make better gifts than material objects because they lead to richer memories, deepen human connection, and even encourage gratitude and appreciation in children. Check out this list of perennial favorites and fresh suggestions, which are grouped by price range below....

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