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Preschool: What Does a Socially Conscious Curriculum look like in Early Childhood?
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  • I always love with another mom organizes the end of the year or end of the season gift.  
  • I agree that teaching reading before 1st grade is inappropriate and often frustrating and more likely to be harmful than good. And I agree that phonics and phenomic awareness come first, and there are a lot of pre-reading skills that should be explored in Prek and K.    I had one kid who could read at age 4 and one who had to be taught in first grade. You would not be able to tell almost 10 years later which was which.    THAT SAID -- if you think your child is demonstrating
  • I think this is VERY school dependent. At my kids' school, things had gotten out of hand (leather jackets! $500 gift cards! super expensive whiskey! round trip airline tickets!), so a few years ago the (former) head of school sent around an email "reminder" saying that teachers could not accept any gifts that had any monetary value. Chocolates, flowers, cards, that type of thing was fine. The new head of school has not phrased it as an all-out ban, but has reminded parents that gifts should be f

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Parenting in Chicago

Happy Campers: Finding (Screen-free) Fun at Family Camp
How relatively easy it was for all of us to disconnect from our devices was one of the happy surprises from camp. At home, my boys typically default to watching screens or playing video games during down time. We set screen time limits but then find ourselves having to play screen time police, a role we do not relish. ...
Chicago Tribune NPN Feature: Kids like to swear. Do I blame Olivia Rodrigo? Or do I blame myself?
Is the new rule: Sing the swear words, but only while we're at concerts? Are celebrities making it more permissible for my tween to swear?...
Returning Home from Vacation: Five tips to ease the transition.
Vacations are awesome. But what’s more awesome are the everyday moments that create your life with your children. ...

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