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Parenting in Chicago

Family neighborhood guide to Logan Square
For all of the ways it's changed, Logan Square is becoming more and more family-friendly.
When it comes to self awareness, my daughters hold my mirror
I thought that just by telling my children a different message than the one I got growing up, that things would be different for them
Navigating the Great Resignation as a parent
Before you make a big leap, take some time to assess and create a vision for your career and family life

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Kindergarten Philosophies
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  • I would be willing to send my kids to school without masks as soon as this surge is over. They have not had Covid yet. They are vaccinated. I feel that the ongoing detriment of continuing to wear masks indefinitely is greater than the risk Covid poses to them at this point. Anonymous poster hash: 06299...231
  • Potty training hack- put your toilet trainer in underwear under the pull up. They get to actually feel wet if they have an accident and you get to save your carpet    tween hack- buy a gizmo. I can communicate with my daughter without having to give her a phone   Anonymous poster hash: ebd9c...b58
  • OP here - thanks everyone for the input, it's been very helpful.  I was aware of the move away from homework/reducing homework in the younger grades (and support that!), but didn't have a good barometer of where our school falls, since this is our oldest child.  He really loves to read, so I've tried to get him back into the routine of reading before bed, which also gets him away from the tv in the evening.  In any event, thanks again!         Anonymous poster hash: 7f0c1...

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