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Parenting in Chicago

The perks of a pandemic baby
More often than not, the experience proved to be a bright light in an otherwise dark period.
My oldest daughter just left for college. Now what?
In her young life, I never thought this time would end. But it did. And I miss her. I really miss her.
Three tips for establishing good routines this fall
Especially at the beginning of the school year, establishing good routines will make your family’s life a whole lot easier

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CPS 101 Q&A
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Rethinking Technology in Early Childhood
Through this video, you will learn how to make the most of your child’s use of technology, including...


  • I made my appointment for Moderna booster last night. The website recently changed from earlier in the week to expand categories for eligibility for moderna to include those non-immunocompromised, under 65, in high risk work situations; I’m assuming there was also a category for pregnant women or general health conditions, although I was not specifically looking for that.  Anonymous poster hash: 195a1...2a2
  • Why are you so confident antibodies provide zero protection? And it doesn’t make sense that everyone could do this. My guess is the percentage of kids with high antibodies is very small Anonymous poster hash: 76929...85f
  • Cancel. Anonymous poster hash: d2cf4...14e
  • Just our school. U of c running the clinic . Private  Anonymous poster hash: 7645b...adb
  • Beach enclave in Turks has availability.   Also, new auberge esotero in Riviera Maya, Mexico.   O&O Palmilla or new O& O Mandarina. Look on hotel websites direct for availability.     Anonymous poster hash: 90b0b...435
  • We were referred to this practice for testing as they were among the few that took insurance for a neuropsych eval. I didn't end up following up there due to feeling it wasn't going to be the best experience after having a consult call - sounds like I'm glad about that decision. (Insurance also pays far lower than out of pocket usually - they may not be making as much as you think). We ended up going with someone out of network and had a great experience. Having seen a lot of reports from P

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