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Parenting in Chicago

Gardening with kids
These steps offer suggestions that can be scaled to fit any size patch, from large outdoor garden to tiny indoor pot.
Nanny shares 101
A guide to nanny shares from veteran parents

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  • I have a dark gray Luca glider with ottoman I would consider selling.  PM me if interested.
  • When your husband and kids all forget its your birthday. DH has called or texted me like four times today to unload on me about some $&7t or another but not once wished me a happy birthday and kids are clearly blissfully oblivious and were sullen most of yeaterday. Is it 5 o’clock yet?
  • Because they are busy complaining about gas prices and masks. They also believe abstinence will save lives and faith and more guns will save themselves from terrorists. Of course they are also complaining about gun violence in the city but that is supposedly unrelated to their need for more guns.

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