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Parenting in Chicago

Hosting out-of-towners? Here's your cheatsheet.
Three houses. Nineteen family members ages 6-70. Here's what we did....
Kids' therapy: Trust your instincts and speak up early
My advice as a physical therapist and as a parent? Trust your instincts. YOU know your child best....
Will her son play nicely? Will the world?
It’s with a lot of happiness — and trepidation — that I anticipate my son starting preK....

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Transition to Adulthood: Pathways for Older Teens and Young Adults with Special Needs
As parents it is hard to imagine our kids as adults, especially if your child is developmentally dif...
COVID Regression and What To Do About It
Have you noticed a regression in your child—behaviorally, developmentally or socially—since the star...
What to Look for in a Therapeutic Preschool
Choosing the right preschool for your child can be a daunting task, especially when your child has a...


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