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Parenting in Chicago

What does Mother's Day mean in 2021?
Given the challenges for mothers and all caregivers in this pandemic, will it be any different this year?

Neighborhood Parents Network connects a diverse community of families by providing support and resources designed to solve the challenges of parenting in Chicago.

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  • If there are two classes I want to sign my daughter up for, can my husband and I be logged on different computers, and sign her up for each different class simultaneously?
  • I just did Chasing Paper on one wall in our bedroom. It was a little more work than I thought, but I am really happy with it. I watched some wallpaper videos first...even thought it is a little different since Chasing Paper has almost no stretch to it I still found those helpful.    
  • So excited!  I book a cook county site for Saturday. (put in your birthday first, then you can put your child's name and birthday when you actually make the appointment).
  • No!  Gifts for realtors is not a thing. Realtors giving gifts for the business....that's the thing. Anonymous poster hash: 01152...ead
  • Don't sidestep this process. Get the proper permit for while the work is happening because you can be fined for that. I'm not sure about after it's done and you try to sell but that could be a problem too. I'd be interested to see if someone else knows this.   Anonymous poster hash: f8137...422
  • Make your own giant bubble solution and order pizzas. Huge hit for my kid last month. Cheap. Fun. Great pictures.  Anonymous poster hash: a2233...d57

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