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Parenting in Chicago

Three IVF myths you probably believe
Some of the fertility advice given by professionals is shockingly wrong.
Nurturing your child’s mental health in the pandemic's aftermath
How to talk to your kids about the pandemic's mental toll.

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  • People have been back to work and kids have been back to school for almost a full year - this is what I see not what they tell. Given the population density, if there is any outbreak, it’s really not something easy to hide.
  • We got our uniforms from French Toast and Old Navy.  French Toast held up much better.   I got 5 outfits even though I do laundry almost every day.  It was just easier to make my daughter feel like she was rotating outfits.  Our school was khaki so we did a couple different skirts and jumpers.   Anonymous poster hash: d5d32...19d
  • Do you think this will still be the case with the new earlier start date?   Anonymous poster hash: 9510f...454
  • Right   Anonymous poster hash: baa5f...764
  • Kids are 6 and 10 and we have one car. We prioritize activities in the neighborhood and we don't over schedule. We live in a walkable neighborhood and one of the kids is always in a walking distance from practice.  Anonymous poster hash: a546e...f91
  • Contact moody bible institute. Lots of young women who tend to be “ wholesome” ( predictable given where they have chosen to study ) looking for part time work. We’ve had success in the past  Anonymous poster hash: 1b2e5...782

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