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Parenting in Chicago

My oldest daughter just left for college. Now what?
In her young life, I never thought this time would end. But it did. And I miss her. I really miss her.
Three tips for establishing good routines this fall
Especially at the beginning of the school year, establishing good routines will make your family’s life a whole lot easier
This mom turned her passion for food into helping locals in need
If there is something you believe in — a cause that taps your shoulder or keeps you awake at night— make it happen.

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  • Ah, ok. Misunderstood your post.   Agree with you then!  Anonymous poster hash: 6aa57...799
  • You sound (from this post and others) like a really kind, supportive person. That is amazing that not only did you let your in-law organize your home but you paid her full freight...that has all the makings of someone being very upset about it and venting about it on NPN!  You also sound like you may have a bit of an aspirational lifestyle for some couples (handbag and sports memorabilia collections) so I'm guessing it's not just her work but your lifestyle that look great photographed. Take it
  • Well said  Anonymous poster hash: 3f667...0ba
  • Are you sure they don’t also have a manual control on the HA themselves? I can’t imagine being dependent on electronics to make them work. Usually there’s just a tiny button(s) that is pressed to change settings and volume. It’s REALLY tiny so it could be missed. Not doubting you, just trying to share what I’ve seen. 
  • I stopped lessons but my kids (and myself) all did jr lifeguard & i was a guard so dont stop until they can do all 4 strokes & tread water for a minute  Anonymous poster hash: febf3...aa4
  • Oh man SAME

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