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Childcare Classifieds

Childcare Classifieds is the best place in Chicago to find a nanny, nanny share or part-time caregiver!



Here are the many ways you can use Childcare Classifieds:


Create a post describing your desired traits in a nanny or caregiver (e.g., bilingual, location, drives a car, etc.), and childcare providers will respond if they fit the bill. You can then have a private discussion with candidates using NPN’s messaging feature before taking the interview process offline.


Search posts advertising available nannies, either created by the nannies themselves or by parents who are recommending a nanny they can no longer employ. This is what sets NPN’s Childcare Classifieds apart from other childcare-search sites: You can contact these parents who are recommending their nannies to ask further questions before you even reach out to the nanny candidate.


Find a family for a nanny share by posting your needs and what you’re looking for in a family.


Find mothers helpers, babysitters, household managers and more—Childcare Classifieds isn’t just for nannies, it’s a place to cover all your childcare needs!



Not an NPN member? Join our parent community for less than $6 a month to find a nanny, find the best school for your child, get support and advice from Chicago parents, and more.

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