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Healthy Children

Parenting philosophies aside, we can all agree that keeping our kids safe and healthy is priority No. 1. What’s likely not getting as much attention is your health, specifically your own mental and physical self-care (you know the saying about oxygen masks…).


NPN parents and experts have lots of advice and information about keeping everyone in the family healthy, whether you need help with nutrition, car seat safety, pediatrician visits, mental health concerns or just run-of-the-mill colds.


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Your kid will hate some foods, and that's ok
It's your job to model healthy eating, it's their job to choose what to eat.
Coat or no? Car seat safety during the cold winter months
A child passenger safety instructor from Lurie Children's Hospital offers practical tips on how you can buckle in your kids safely and quickly during winter.


Covid booster response?

Hello! I’d appreciate if those of us who have received a Covid booster shot (whether pregnant, immunocompromised, role qualification etc.) could share their experience getting the booster (what did yo...

COVID boosters for 40+?

I have recently seen that CNN is reporting we may see approval of boosters for the general population age 40 and up soon, but they are the only ones reporting it. I know we have a couple insiders on t...

Gotta Vent-Covid 19 specific

The other one was closed, so I started this one.  Covid 19 wasn't year specific its the name of the pandemic which, unfortunately didn't end in 2020.  Covid-19 is still out there.  So, I guess use thi...

COVID Vaccine 5 - 11 Information

Lots of new information this week on when COVID vaccine will be available for 5-11 year old's and sharing for those interested.    This vaccine is new formulation and physicians will not be ...

Hardcore Sunscreen for Kids Prone to Sunblock

My 4 year old just started camp and has come home with sunburned cheeks the past few days.  It's the area right under her eyes - her chubby cheeks.  I am a NUT about sunblock and before we leave, I do...

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How to talk to your kids about the pandemic's mental toll.

Where to dine in Chicago when your teen has celiac disease

As my son gets older, it will be up to him to keep his body healthy. Thankfully, there are many great options in Chicago.

Covid and PTSD: How to handle the whirlwind of emotions

Do you think you have PTSD from a Covid-related stressor? Here's how to manage it.

Safely navigating kids' winter sports during COVID

A Chicago pediatrician on how kids can play winter sports safely.

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