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Healthy Children

Parenting philosophies aside, we can all agree that keeping our kids safe and healthy is priority No. 1. What’s likely not getting as much attention is your health, specifically your own mental and physical self-care (you know the saying about oxygen masks…).


NPN parents and experts have lots of advice and information about keeping everyone in the family healthy, whether you need help with nutrition, car seat safety, pediatrician visits, mental health concerns or just run-of-the-mill colds.


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Your kid will hate some foods, and that's ok
It's your job to model healthy eating, it's their job to choose what to eat.
Coat or no? Car seat safety during the cold winter months
A child passenger safety instructor from Lurie Children's Hospital offers practical tips on how you can buckle in your kids safely and quickly during winter.


Tips for elimination diet, please and thank you

First off, if you do not believe in this or want to bash me, I will ask NPN to remove your comment. I need help and not judgement or politics so PLEASE move on if you have nothing positive to share.  ...

Recommend orthodontist for adult

I need an orthodontist for myself for a minor procedure. I have a metal bar holding my front two teeth together that has been there for over 25 years that is finally loose. Looking for a recommendatio...

Going backward with Covid...vent thread

Now that Delta has changed the game and the scientific evidence is there to confirm vaccinated adults can and do spread covid what are you most upset about?  I'll go first:   I am so sad tha...

Town & Country Ped for ADHD medication mgmt

Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a pediatrician at Town & Country/Lurie that is experienced with ADHD medication. We have been at T&C/Lurie for nearly 10 years and live within walk...

Covid numbers in other countries

My friend lived in Beijing where there are little to no cases. I’m trying to understand why there are less than 5000 deaths total in a country with near 4x our population. We have to be doing somethin...

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A Chicago pediatrician on how kids can play winter sports safely.

Three IVF myths you probably believe

Some of the fertility advice given by professionals is shockingly wrong.

Where to dine in Chicago when your teen has celiac disease

As my son gets older, it will be up to him to keep his body healthy. Thankfully, there are many great options in Chicago.

Nurturing your child’s mental health in the pandemic's aftermath

How to talk to your kids about the pandemic's mental toll.

Covid and PTSD: How to handle the whirlwind of emotions

Do you think you have PTSD from a Covid-related stressor? Here's how to manage it.

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