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“Is it normal?” As parents, we’ve asked that question about our child’s behavior countless times. (Hint: Most of the time, it’s normal.) But just because a child’s behavior is normal doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be addressed, whether it’s separation anxiety on the first day of school or potty-training regression. How do you handle these typical behaviors, and how do you know when developmentally normal conduct veers into something that may require professional help?


Check out articles written by pros and parents alike, along with our many videos on behavior: Chicago experts lead you through common issues like separation anxiety, potty-training and bullying, and offer strategies on how to manage them. And when you need quick reassurances and resources, our discussion forum has your back.

Featured articles

Why kids lie, and why it's okay
The fact that your child can lie shows maturity. It's the reason behind the lying that you should focus your attention on.
How to make potty training your toddler fun. Yes, fun.
Potty training doesn't have to be stressful. Make a fun game out of potty training your toddler with these tips.
Potty training regression: possible causes and what to do about it
Potty training regression, or the loss of daytime toileting skills, can be frustrating for kids and parents. A Chicago pediatrician offers ideas on causes and how to deal with it.


In-Person Conferences

Has anyone received any in-person event invitation in their specific work field or seen any live events coming up for this year? To be more specific, I work in healthcare and specifically I run semina...

Gift for realtor?

First time selling a home but correct me if I’m wrong...isn’t the expectation that we give a gift to our realtor? If so how much (ballpark) and do you have any suggestions? Thanks!! Anonymous poster ...

Resilience, Privilege and other Covid Thoughts

What have you learned about your resilience and privilege during Covid? Also, any other things you’ve learned about yourself during this (hopefully) unique time in your life?     Anonymous ...

But when do you have the time?

The skin care and laser care and botox threads, among others, make me think of something I often wonder: but really, when do you have the time?    I think I am not organizing my life well. O...

Mother’s Day for people have lost their Moms already

My Mom has been gone over 10 years and still every Mother’s Day weekend I’m weepy and sad.  I think part of it is also the build up of the weekend and the feeling that your supposed to have these gran...

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Managing the challenging behaviors every kid has

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To get an honest response from your kids, change what you ask

The way you form your questions could make it easier for your kids to opt for the truth instead.

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