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New Moms

Welcome to motherhood! It’s a joyful, challenging, sleep-deprived time, and NPN is here to help you through it. Looking for support? New Moms Groups give you the opportunity to meet in small groups of 8–10 moms who live in your area and have babies around the same age. Check our calendar to sign up for an upcoming New Moms Group!


New moms can also watch videos on topics such as infant sleep and postpartum depression, and seek advice and support on our member discussion forum. Trying to find a nanny? Our Childcare Classifieds can connect you with a parent-recommended caregiver or a nanny share family. 

Featured articles

Pelvic floor exercises new moms can do at home
New moms often deal with lower back pain and urinary leaking due to a weak pelvic floor. Try these at-home exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor.
Your newborn care questions, answered
Northwestern's Dr. Rebecca Unger drops some serious knowledge on newborn and infant care.
Why I'm thankful for NPN's New Moms Groups
The women in NPN's New Moms Groups rely on each other for advice, support—even babysitting.


Where to donate high chair

This is probably an oldie but goodie...Any suggestions on where to donate a slightly used but very usable high chair? ...

Meal Delivery Service

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for meal delivery in the Chicago area. I am looking for ready-made meals that can be easily heated up during the week and do not require cooking. We currently orde...

Postpartum meal delivery services?

Hi - does anyone know of any good postpartum meal delivery services for post birth recovery? In California there are a ton of Chinese recovery meals (for the 40 day practice) but wasn't sure if there ...

Are you a first time mom of a baby 0-6 months old?

The August session of The Chicago New Moms Group starts Friday, July 30th at 11am.  Groups take place in person at Merry Music Makers located at 3759 N. Ravenswood, Chicago.  Due to the fact that babi...

Graco Duoglider and top baby gear recommendations

A dear friend has just given birth but didn’t have a baby shower and this is a surprise baby so hadn’t kept anything because she though she was done. What are the must items for going back into parent...

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Here are some tips to get you on the right track for the first 6 months after giving birth. The most important one? Go easy on yourself.

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