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  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: The Most Common Complication of Pregnancy & Childbirth

    Are you or someone you love struggling with feelings of anxiety, extreme sadness or feeling very overwhelmed following childbirth? Nancy Segall of Beyond the Baby Blues and Claire Zawa of Birthways Inc. share information and resources for expectant and new parents about the causes, symptoms and treatments for postpartum depression. 

    Postpartum depression occurs in approximately 20 percent of all new mothers. It’s considered the number one postpartum childbirth complication. After this webinar, you will have a better understanding of how perinatal mental health extends beyond depression, impacts the entire family, and can be identified before the family is in crisis.

    Topics covered:

    • Perinatal mental health diagnoses and presentations
    • Risks factors, special populations, and situations that require referral
    • Tips for how to engage a new or expecting parent in a dialogue about perinatal mental health and how to best offer support
    • Cultural considerations
    • Assessment/screening
    • Resources



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    Nancy Segall.JPGPresenter: Nancy Segall is a founder and the Clinical Director of Beyond the Baby Blues. She is a social worker and credentialed Illinois Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist with over 30 years experience working with mothers, children and other mental health professionals. She has an MA from the School of Social Service Administration at The University of Chicago, is on the Adjunct Faculty of The Chicago Center for Family Health, and has a private practice in which she works primarily with women who have a Postpartum Mood Disorder. She is a past president of the Illinois Association for Infant Mental Health, manages the Association's professional listserv, and is a consultant to other infant mental health providers.


    Claire Zawa.JPGPresenter: Claire Zawa is Birthways’ Care Manager where she helps families prepare for and connect with a range of services focused on the childbearing years. She is a DONA-certified Labor Support doula, an experienced postpartum doula, and a Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting teacher.

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