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Developmental Differences

We see you, parents of kids with special needs. Yours is not an easy road, but NPN has many resources to help you along, whether you’ve just received a diagnosis or you’re looking for further supports for your older child.


Our monthly Developmental Differences Parent Support Group has been making parents and caregivers feel less alone for nearly 10 years. Also celebrating its 10th birthday, the annual Developmental Differences Resource Fair brings together therapy providers, schools and fun activities for kids with special needs. And our library of videos on developmental differences offers tips and strategies on everything from potty training to IEPs.


The best part: All of our developmental differences resources are free to members and non-members alike.


Providers: Click here to participate in our Developmental Differences Resource Program, which starts in August 2021.

Featured articles

What to look for in a therapeutic preschool
Considering a therapeutic preschool for your child? Here are the important things to look for to find the right fit.
Your child received a diagnosis. Now what?
What to do next after your child is diagnosed with a developmental difference such as autism, sensory processing disorder or other special needs.
Raising a Black autistic boy in America
"Our goal is to avoid being racially stereotyped as angry Black parents and change the narrative to 'strong parent advocates.'"


Speech delayed toddler mom - I need someone to chat about their experiences

Wondering if there are any moms out there who have/had a speech delayed toddler and would be willing to meet for a cup of coffee and chat about their experiences and help me navigate help for my kid. ...

Eye doctor for (mostly) nonverbal 4 year-old with ASD?

I am starting to worry more and more about my daughter's eyesight and/or vision. We have seen a doctor at Lyons but I was hoping to get a second opinion. However, she has been diagnosed with ASD and i...

Help me figure out what might be going on with my 9 year old niece

My nine year old niece  reads and writes at grade level. She has had a neuropsych and was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia 2 years ago with a solid average IQ . But more seems to be going on:  1....

ADHD full eval - private practice recs?

Looking to have a full psychiatric evaluation for presumed ADHD. Hospital wait lists are anywhere from 6-10months long. Any private practice recommendations? TIA! Anonymous poster hash: bcbaf...93d ...

Dyslexia Testing

I’d like to get my 8 year old child tested for dyslexia. Every teacher she has had doesn’t think she is dyslexic but I would like to get her tested to put my mind at ease.   I inquired at Ev...

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How to decide what’s best for your child? Weigh all the factors.

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When a child has a developmental difference, a positive parent-teacher relationship is even more important.

How to work social and emotional learning (SEL) into your child's daily life

Though they're not textbook traits, social and emotional learning skills (SEL) are critical to your child’s fulfillment and success.

Raising a Black autistic boy in America

"Our goal is to avoid being racially stereotyped as angry Black parents and change the narrative to 'strong parent advocates.'"

How to advocate for your special-needs child in CPS

What's an IEP? And how is it different from a 504? Get answers and get expert help navigating CPS's special education system.

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