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Raising Good Kids

We all want to instill in our kids good values not only to encourage them to choose kindness now but also to create good habits that ensure their compassion endures through adulthood.


How to do that? NPN parents and local experts have lots of ideas on how to raise good kids that become exemplary adults, from teaching table manners early to explaining racial inequities. Choose methods and strategies that work for your family, and create your own!


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Featured articles

Resources to help you talk about racism with your kids
These books, websites, podcasts, articles and more can help you facilitate conversations about racism with your child.
You can make eating out with your kids actually enjoyable
Help your kids develop the patience and manners to make a meal out more enjoyable for everyone.
10 things I taught my daughters to prevent bullying
This mom knows her daughters won’t dish out or take any type of bullying behavior because of the 10 philosophies her family lives by.

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