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  • How To Talk Race With Your Kids

    Join Damon Sumner in discussing how to have conversations about race with our children. With his trademark wit and humor, Sumner breaks down why the time is now for these conversations, how we can educate ourselves to be the informed parents our children need, and discuss practical ways to help raise our children to be young men and women who love all and desire justice for all.


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    DS.jpegFor nearly a decade, Damon Sumner has had the privilege to speak to thousands of people around the world. He delivers talks for parents that engage, empower and encourage them to be THE parent their family needs.

    He’s a jack-of-all trades: an award-winning comedian, speaker, educator, consultant, writer and Little Debbie apologist. Damon takes pride in stepping in front of people and delivering talks that aren’t filled with fluff, but rather with humor and relatable stories on various topics that parents deal with every single day.

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