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Found 42 results

  1. AAB Provider

    Chicago Family Doulas

    Chicago Family Doulas, LLC is a full service Doula Agency providing families in Chicago, the North Shore, Hinsdale, Oak Park, and many suburbs with the most professional, compassionate and personalized support. We offer birth doula support, newborn care and postpartum doula support, virtual childbirth and baby classes, and placenta encapsulation services. Our committed birth and postpartum professionals are honored to support you and your family during this important time. Contact: Annamarie Rodney Additional Information: Services
  2. AAB Provider

    Irving Park Early Learning Center

    Irving Park Early Learning Center provides daycare services to children ages 6 weeks - 5 years. Contact: Vanesa Perez
  3. AAB Provider

    Children’s Learning Place-West Town

    Children’s Learning Place-West Town provides early childhood education and preschool for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Contact: Michelle Zimmerman
  4. AAB Provider

    Children’s Learning Place-Bucktown

    Children’s Learning Place-Bucktown provides early childhood education and preschool for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Contact: Amanda Perez
  5. AAB Provider

    Children’s Learning Place-Lakeview

    Children’s Learning Place-Lakeview provides early childhood education and preschool for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Contact: Laura Nichols
  6. AAB Provider

    Children’s Learning Place-Logan Square

    Children’s Learning Place-Logan Square provides early childhood education and preschool for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Contact: Madi Johnson
  7. AAB Provider

    Children’s Learning Place-Downtown

    Children’s Learning Place-Downtown provides early childhood education and preschool for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Contact: Maria Duran
  8. AAB Provider
    Lurie Childrens Primary Care - Town and Country Pediatrics is a pediatric primary care practice with over 45 years of service and innovation. We provide personalized, family-centered care seven days a week at three neighborhood locations. Services include check-ups, sick visits, sports physicals, vaccinations and pre-operative visits. Contact: Karen Patel Additional Information: Services
  9. AAB Provider

    Kids' Work Chicago Too

    Kids' Work Chicago Too provides positive and supportive care for children infant through school age. Contact: Sarah Cudnik
  10. AAB Provider

    Amy Zier & Associates

    Amy Zier & Associates - Everything we do is centered on the child and family. Since 1997, we have become one of the leading pediatric therapy specialty clinics focused on the treatment of children with sensory integration disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, learning and emotional challenges in the Chicagoland area. Every child is a unique being, and we design and develop an individualized program for each child. Through the DIR® relationship-based approach and Sensory Integration approach, children are able to build the foundation for key developmental areas that directly impact learning concepts, building self-esteem, initiating problem-solving, resolving peer conflict and building relationships – with lasting impact. Our in-house feeding therapist specializes in helping infants and children with feedings tubes, transitioning toddlers to solids, and picky eaters. Contact: Amy Zier
  11. until
    If there's anything parents of little ones have, it's questions. About sleep. About feeding. About how to cut those impossibly tiny fingernails. On Wednesday, June 30, Chicago pediatrician Dr. Anita Chandra-Puri will be on hand to give you answers. Visit NPN's Discussion Forum and post your question on this thread. Dr. Chandra-Puri will reply the same day with an answer. Feeling embarrassed about your question or want to maintain your privacy? No problem. Anonymous posts are welcome. Dr. Chandra-Puri will post all of her answers to the thread so everyone can learn and benefit. Anita Chandra-Puri, MD is a physician associated with Northwestern Medicine. Her primary specialty is pediatrics and her practice focus area is newborn care. Dr. Chandra-Puri is also on NPN's board of directors. NPN's Discussion Forum is for members only. To ask Dr. Chandra-Puri a question, join now and use code AllAboutBaby for $25 off.
  12. until
    You've read her writing in the New York Times and The Atlantic, you follow her on Instagram, you subscribe to her ParentData Substack, you've highlighted passages in her books. Now join NPN for an in-depth and intimate live discussion with Emily Oster, PhD on pregnancy and babies as part of our All About Baby month programming. She will answer your questions about all things baby! Emily Oster is a Professor of Economics at Brown University. She holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University. Emily’s academic work focuses on health economics, development economics, and statistical methods. In addition to her academic work, Emily has written two bestselling books on data-driven parenting, “Expecting Better” and “Cribsheet.” Her third book, "The Family Firm: A Data-Driven Guide to Better Decision Making in the Early School Years" is set to come out in August 2021. Emily’s work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, CNBC, NPR, Slate and more. Currently, Emily is working on the National COVID School Response Dashboard, which she developed with Qualtrics. Send us your questions for Emily about pregnancy and infants! Email your question to amy@npnparents.org and enter "Question for Emily" in the subject line. Free for NPN members $15 for non-members Not a member of NPN? Join now using promo code AllAboutBaby for $25 off.
  13. Having a baby is hard, and with COVID-19 in the mix, life with a little one can feel even more complicated than before. You have fewer places to go with your baby, and limited access to family and friends to give you a break. If your baby seems to cry more than most, doesn’t seem to sleep unless in your arms, doesn’t want to eat, or pulls away from the breast or bottle, you are managing even more stress with less support. It would be great if there was a perfect way to parent, but there’s often no quick fix or easy solution. Remember: Each baby (and parent) is unique, and understanding yours might mean going against what the books say. It’s important to trust your gut and explore what works and what doesn’t. Following are a few ideas that we encourage in our work at Erikson Institute’s Fussy Baby Network, which will go a long way in helping you feel more confident as a parent. Babies are individuals Isn’t it interesting that we all accept that adults differ as individuals, yet we expect babies to all act the same? Babies are individuals from the moment they’re born, and parents must figure out how to best meet their individual needs. Another way to think about it is to ask, “What fills my baby’s cup and what depletes it?” Learning what these “fill ups” are for your baby requires observation and trial and error. For example, some babies love to be held, while others want to move freely. “Tummy time” sessions are widely seen as a good developmental exercise for babies. But if you notice your child resists tummy time and prefers being held, use this information to make sure you “fill their cup” with cuddles before and after a session. By doing this, you are communicating to your baby that you understand their needs — an important component of trust in a parent/child relationship. Sleep begets sleep Parents might also find that their baby, particularly young infants, is fussier in the early evenings for a few hours, often starting around 5 p.m. During this time, they want to be constantly held and if you try to put them down, they cry and the cycle continues. There are many theories about why babies cry more around this time, and one thought is sensory overload. A newborn is taking in so many sights and sounds that by the evening, their little body can’t take it anymore. Another theory is that babies are overtired around these hours. Often they “cat nap” throughout the day so by the evening, they are sleep-deprived and difficult to sooth. Many parents assume keeping their baby awake will help them sleep better when actually the opposite is true. The more babies sleep throughout the day, the better they are able to fall and stay asleep. Take a break Another tip is understanding that when you feel stressed or anxious, it doesn’t automatically mean your baby will mirror your emotions. But it might mean that you have less patience and you need to find a way to take time for yourself. When overwhelmed, parents often hold babies differently or move too quickly for them. It is always OK to put your baby down in a safe place and breath for a few moments. Try saying phrases like, “I’m OK, I can do this. My baby is just trying to communicate with me.” You can also do some deep breathing and while you do, put your hand on your baby’s chest so you are both slowing down together. Notice how your baby’s breathing changes when you do this. Overall, it’s key to remember that babies are not one-size-fits-all. Even if you experience your baby as fussy or challenging, that does not indicate you are doing something wrong. Often as adults, when we feel safe and secure, we feel more comfortable crying or letting loose. Imagine when a loved one hugs us and we actually cry harder! The same goes for babies and as their caregiver, you can likely figure out how to sooth them best. Trust what you know about them, and remember tomorrow is a new day and there will always be room to keep exploring and building your relationship with your baby. Nancy Mork-Bakker, LCSW, is the Director of Erikson Institute’s Fussy Baby Network (FBN). Linda Horwitz, MSEd, is FBN’s Outreach Coordinator and Infant Family Specialist. FBN offers telephone support, virtual visits, and weekly virtual drop-in groups. There is no fee for services during the pandemic. Families can call 1-888-431-2229 or email fussybaby@erikson.edu. Photo by Kevin Liang
  14. until
    As part of NPN's All About Baby programming, Linda Szmulewitz of Sleep Tight Consultants will answer your questions about sleep! After this short presentation and live Q & A with Linda, new parents will walk away with: - Understanding the basics of sleep for babies age newborn to two years old - Best practices surrounding sleep for babies age newborn to two years old - Answers to your questions This will be a live Zoom session. Linda will give a short presentation in the beginning, saving the majority of time to answer your questions. We will send you the Zoom link the morning of Friday, June 11th. NPN members: Free. Login to register Non-members: $15 Are you attending more than one All About Baby program this month? If so, become a member of NPN for just $30 (that's $25 off!) using promo code AllAboutBaby and enjoy everything that NPN has to offer for a full year! Join here. Linda Szmulewitz is a licensed clinical social worker, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach through Kim West, LCSW-C, aka The Sleep Lady ®, a DONA trained postpartum doula and the mother of two children. Her goal is to help improve the functioning of the family through improved sleep. She believes that by empowering parents with the tools necessary to help their children become excellent sleepers, it will help them parent more consciously and happily. She has been helping families with their children’s sleep for more than 10 years, worked with more then 1500 children across the United States and from more than 10 countries, and helped more than 3000 parents get back to sleep. Do you have questions about this event? Email amy@npnparents.org.
  15. Event

    🍼 Estate Planning for New Parents

    As part of NPN's All About Baby programming, join Estate Planning Attorney Jennifer Guimond-Quigley for a discussion on the nuts and bolts of estate planning for new parents. After the session, attendees will walk away with: - General knowledge on estate planning concepts - What parents of young children especially should be focused on, such as the benefits a trust, will, and powers of attorney provide - What to consider when designating guardians for minor children Additionally, Jennifer will discuss common pitfalls in naming children as direct beneficiaries of estates and transfer on death accounts and the best way to provide long term financial oversight for a minor child’s inheritance. This will be a live Zoom session with time for Q & A at the end. We will send you the Zoom link the morning of Friday, June 18th. NPN members: Free. Login to register Non-members: $15 Are you attending more than one All About Baby program this month? If so, become a member of NPN for just $30 (that's $25 off!) using promo code AllAboutBaby and enjoy everything that NPN has to offer for a full year! Join here. Jennifer Guimond-Quigley, Managing Attorney Jennifer is the owner and managing attorney at the Law Office of Jennifer Guimond-Quigley, currently in its tenth year of operation. She realized early on in law school that she had a passion for both family law and estate planning. After gaining experience in these two areas both during and after law school through several small firm positions, Jennifer decided to start her own firm. With her solo practice, Jennifer loves having the freedom to collaborate with her clients to achieve the best results possible without the constraints common to practicing with larger firms. Jennifer has an extensive background in business and accounting, which has been invaluable in her legal practice. She spent years working as an accountant, and that experience has been imperative in counseling her clients about the financial and tax impact of their decisions and agreements. Jennifer’s comfort level with numbers allows her to easily explain their complexities in a relatable way to her clientele. Jennifer resides in Chicago with her husband and children. Do you have questions about this event? Email amy@npnparents.org
  16. Event

    Virtual 40+ Moms Group

    Attention moms over 40 with children between 2 months and 3 years old - this is the group for you! Please join PN member and volunteer, Cathy, who leads a Zoom chat for moms 40+ to connect and talk about the unique challenges and joys you face as moms. Please sign up for this group to attend one or all of these April meetups and drop in for as long as you can! This group will meet at 12:15 - 1:00 PM on Fridays, April 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. You will receive a Zoom link the day before the meeting. NPN members only. Please register once for you and your child(ren). You will receive an email confirmation after you register. Questions? Contact NPN Program Manager Meredith Marzano at mmarzano@npnparent.org. Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Erikson Institute. NPN is proud to share information about Erikson Institute's Fussy Baby Network: The Fussy Baby Network offers a range of parent support services around crying, sleeping, and feeding issues for babies and toddlers up to age 3. We provide free phone support through our warmline, staff by our warm and caring family/infant specialists. We also offer free virtual home visits to families no matter where they live. Finally, we provide support groups for parents to talk together about the challenges they face and how they cope. All of our services are available in English and Spanish.
  17. This webinar is about the ups and downs of parenting a baby during a pandemic. You will walk away from this webinar with an understanding of your baby’s emotional states, how to connect with your baby, and what to do when things feel hard.

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