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Ask the Expert: Sarah Davis of Olive You Nanny

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The NPN team is pleased to introduce Sarah Davis, founder and CEO of Olive You Nanny as a resident expert at NPN. You've watched her in NPN's live sessions, read her articles on our website, and seen her recommended on the forum. Now is your chance to ask her everything you wanted to know about the process of hiring, working with, and building a positive relationship with your nanny.


Post your questions for Sarah on the NPN Discussion Forum on Thursday, November 30th from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM. Sarah will answer your questions throughout the day. Once all questions are answered, we will close the thread, but it will live on in the forum for your reference. Go ahead and ask her anything!


A bit about Sarah:



Sarah Davis is the Founder and CEO of Olive You Nanny and its sister brand, Olive Us. Sarah began her entrepreneurial career as a nanny in her early high school years. She moved from a small town in Wisconsin to San Francisco after school for a nanny role. She moved to Denver and then Chicago, learning about what it took to build a successful career as a nanny. Each time she moved, she was met with the same reality - there were no agencies who cared about the personal connections between families and nannies. They didn’t seem to understand that nannies are an integral part of each family they work for. So, in 2005, she began sourcing and matching nannies for families in Chicago. She would meet with the families in their homes and then meet with the potential nannies in person as well, asking more profound questions about their personalities, their parenting styles, and more. She officially launched Olive You Nanny in 2005. Since then, Olive You Nanny has expanded to 8 cities, including Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Phoenix. In each city, they provide full-service support to families.


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