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  • How to Hire a Nanny and Build a Successful Relationship

    In this live webinar, Sarah Davis, founder of Olive. You. Nanny, discusses how to hire a nanny and build a successful relationship with them. You will learn the steps to take during the hiring process and how to lay the foundation for a healthy relationship. 

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    Sarah launched Olive.You.Nanny in 2005 in Chicago. Prior to opening Olive.You.Nanny, she was a professional nanny for 10 years in San Francisco, Denver and Chicago. She prioritizes helping parents and nannies build long-lasting relationships. Sarah has three children and now lives in Austin, TX.


    This live session was recorded in August 2023.


    Sarah provided these handouts, below, to accompany the video.

    ‎2 pager final.‎1.jpeg

    ‎2 pager final.‎2.jpeg

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