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How To Handle Academic Pressure in Middle & High School


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According to a  2017 APA Stress survey, 83 percent of teens identify school as a major stressor. Pressure to succeed academically in school has been shown to increase overall stress and anxiety in students. Knowing this, NPN will talk with schools about how they are thinking about academic pressures in regards to their middle school and high school programs. What are schools doing to alleviate student stress? What tools are they offering parents and students to set realistic expectations and encourage a balanced school experience? Join us as we tackle this topic with our esteemed panels of presenters. 


Our Esteemed Presenters Are:


Martin Moran, Lead Designer of Middle and Upper School, Bennett Day School

Anna Carey, Assistant Headteacher, British International School of Chicago, South Loop

Sarah Moon-Sarudi, Assistant Principal of Student Support, Walter Payton College Prep

Tiffany Brownridge, Counselor, Whitney Young Magnet High School


Thank you to our panelist sponsors: Bennett Day School and British International School of Chicago, South Loop


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