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    This session is for parents who are concerned about their child’s development and/or trying to make sense of the many therapies available to support their child. In this session we will discuss ABA, speech, and occupational therapy, individual talk therapy, and family therapy. We will explore how all or some of these therapies might work together to meet your child’s needs and what an approach that incorporates multiple therapies might look like. Our Esteemed Speaker: Arthur F. Jimenez MS ABA, BCBA, LBS1, Founder, B.E.T.H. Services, Ltd. Arthur F. Jimenez is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a licensed special education teacher. As a first-generation college graduate and a son of a parent who immigrated to this country, he understands the very real sacrifice and value, of family, community, and hard work. He is currently finishing his masters in counseling psychology to become a licensed therapist and is beginning his PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis to help develop a framework that works to serve and strengthen family dynamics to develop a language of acceptance and understanding for all individuals.
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    PLEASE NOTE, THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! SEE YOU IN 2023! It’s a night to be supported, to ask questions and share resources, and to be with other parents who get what it’s like to deal with special challenges for their kids. Parents of kids with all types of developmental differences welcome (sensory processing disorder, autism, ADD/ADHD, PDD-NOS, mixed receptive-expressive language disorder, Down syndrome, physical disabilities, medical issues, etc.). Parents/family only, please (no therapists, students or business owners). The Zoom link will be included in your eticket.

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