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  • Finding a Preschool that Nurtures Emotional Growth

    Preschool is the place where children learn how to move through the world, navigate challenges, manage their feelings, and be a friend. Social-emotional skills follow children their entire lives and, after nearly two isolating pandemic years, they are more important than we’ve ever realized.  Finding a preschool that supports your child’s social-emotional growth is one of the most important investments you can make in your child's life. Our panelists, from some of Chicago's best preschools, share vital information on social-emotional learning (SEL) in early childhood.  In this discussion we learn:

     - Why social-emotional learning is so important, especially now

    -  How preschools address children’s social-emotional needs

    -  How to gauge a school’s approach to social-emotional learning as you research schools

    Thank you to our preschool panelists, British International School of Chicago, Lincoln ParkMary Meyer SchoolBennett Day School and Bubbles Academy Arts-Integrated Preschool

    A special thank you to our presenting sponsor:  British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park


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