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Virtual Gender Identity Webinar @ Smart Love


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When a child announces to their family that they are transgender or non-binary – it can be a big, nerve-wracking step. Children are often filled with worry on how their family and particularly their parents will respond to the news; and they are seeking to learn if they are still loved and accepted.


Parents only want the very best for their child, but may be conflicted with their own reactions to the news. It’s normal for parents to dream about what their child’s future may be like and when the reality doesn’t match up with those dreams, parents can experience losses themselves. While these feelings are okay, parents can also feel conflicted with those feelings but yet also wanting to do what is best.


In this webinar, Smart Love therapists will help parents understand these conflicting emotions, how to separate them from what you know is best for your child and how to move forward.


RSVP required. Please go here to register. 


This is an external partner event. Please contact the organization directly with any questions or concerns: amber.guenther@smartlovefamily.org

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