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    Jun 29, 2024 03:00 PM      06:00 PM

    Summer is a time for joy and play, but for families with disabilities, it can sometimes bring unique challenges, especially when juggling the needs of multiple children. Often, siblings of individuals with disabilities can feel overlooked or struggle to connect and understand their brother or sister.

    Join us for a warm and inclusive playdate designed to nurture strong, meaningful relationships between siblings! Led by our compassionate team at Leep Forward, kids will engage in delightful activities and games aimed at fostering genuine connections. Meanwhile, parents will have the opportunity to observe and learn valuable techniques for creating supportive environments at home that encourage sibling play and interaction.

    Our panel of siblings, spanning different ages, will share their own experiences and offer practical advice to parents on cultivating healthy sibling relationships and ensuring that each child receives the support they need. Plus, families will enjoy community connections, delicious food, open play, and exciting giveaways!

    Come join us for this FUN and enriching event, where every child is celebrated and valued for who they are!
    Onsite and street parking available. 
    This is a free event, but RSVP is required. Please go here to register. 
    This is an external partner event. Please contact the organization directly with any questions or concerns: ttjeanbaptiste@cps.edu.

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