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  • Amy Johnson

    Amy Johnson is NPN's Executive Director.

    This Giving Tuesday, We All Win.

    Help us ignite the spirit of giving while celebrating YOU!

    Many of us have experienced that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with giving. During this fundraising season, the NPN staff team asked ourselves how can we as an organization be generous while doing the critical work of raising money?

    Enter the NPN Dreams Come True Family Vacation Sweepstakes.

    In the spirit of generosity, we’ve put a twist on our end-of-year fundraising campaign. This year, for every $40 you donate, you will have a chance to win the NPN Dreams Come True Family Vacation Sweepstakes. If you win and you are an NPN member, we will give you an additional cash prize of $100 - $1,000 depending on the amount of money raised. You can donate to enter the sweepstake and see all of the details here.

    The funds that we raise in November and December are critical to NPN’s operations. As a member, you are just as critical to NPN’s success. Every time that you engage with NPN by renewing your membership, attending an event, commenting in the discussion forum, sharing social media posts, or forwarding a resource to your parent community, you help NPN flourish. I hope you catch that generous feeling every time you engage with NPN, because every engagement is a form of giving.

    When you win the sweepstake (why not you?) NPN will celebrate three times. Once for having raised the funds we need to operate next year, once in celebration of your generosity and support, and finally, we’ll celebrate because you won a dream family vacation!

    I hope you have fun with this campaign and share it with your friends. Should you make a donation and enter the sweepstakes, I hope you win! Truly, you make a difference in the lives of every Chicago family who depends on NPN for support and resources. I can not thank you enough for your generosity.

    With gratitude,

    The NPN Team

    Amy Johnson

    Amy Johnson is NPN's Executive Director.

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