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Our parent members have tons of suggestions on things to do, including beautiful spots for a family bike ride and outings for those all-too-rare date nights. Find more tips and advice in the articles below, or search the discussion forum for up-to-the-minute recos. Looking to expand your parenting community? Check the calendar for NPN events that serve to enlighten or connect our members—and often both! 

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Travel With Kids
Trip ideas and strategies for a fun family vacation

Featured articles

Best Chicago playgrounds for the potty-training toddler
These are the best Chicago playgrounds for kids who are new to potty training. With fieldhouses nearby, your kids won't have accidents!
4 unexpected spots for your kid's next birthday party
Take the stress out of planning a Chicago kids birthday party with these four great birthday party location ideas from a Chicago mom.
Show some love to these Chicago Black-owned businesses
Discover restaurants, salons, boutiques, bakeries, gyms and more Black-owned businesses in Chicago.


Families with Older Kids - Advice for those with younger

Parents with older (middle/high school) kids - what do you wish you did more/less of when your kids were in early elementary? What do your kids wish they did more/less of?    This past year ...

Beach/pool bag

Any recommendations for a cute but functional beach/pool bag? I have one that I bought years ago at Land of Nod but it’s starting to break but I love it. Bonus if you can recommend one that is plastic...

Best restaurants with outdoor dining to take kids

I feel like our restaurant choices are becoming pretty stale. What are the best places with outdoor seating that are also kid friendly? We like to go out for dinner usually twice a weekend with the ki...

Piano Teacher - In Home Lessons?

Hi!   We have a very piano-curious 4 year old and are thinking of starting lessons soon for her (she has picked up some on her own with some very basic "piano-k" music and key-stickers) late...

Outdoor Running Track in Lincoln Park

Looking for an outdoor running track that is open to the public - preferably one that has a rubber or softer surface. I want to take the kids running with me but don't want the wear and tear on their ...

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How to help kids get reacquainted after a year off

I play opera for my kids (and so should you)

This Chicago mom makes listening to opera part of her family's regular activities. She says there are 3 big benefits to exposing kids to opera early.

The best kid-friendly restaurants in Chicago

NPN members suggest the best restaurants for kids in Chicago. The criteria: kind staff, kids' menus, plenty of high chairs and, of course, great food.

Philanthropy spotlight: Books First!

Books First! aims to eliminate "library deserts" one book at a time.

NPN members' favorite ways to celebrate the holidays in Chicago

The top things to do with kids during the holidays in Chicago, as chosen by our members on the discussion forum.

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