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    Welcome to NPN's on-demand parent-education webinars! Our videos offer useful information on topics you care about and on your schedule. View a webinar on your smartphone, tablet device or desktop computer during a lunch break, after work, when the kids go to bed or anytime that fits into your busy life. If you don’t have time to watch the entire presentation, you can always login in later to finish.

    Watch and learn parenting tips from Chicago early-childhood experts, parents and school administrators on topics such as developmental differences, child development, early learning, school choice, financial planning and much more.

    Members only: How to Approach Sex-Positive Parenting with Pre-Teens

    Sex Positive Parenting Thumbnail.JPG







    Many of us learn about sexuality from our friends, textbooks, health class, movies, or in 2019...the internet. Parents, guardians and caregivers are their children's primary educators, yet many pre-teens report they do not learn about sexuality from their own caregivers, leaving many of their questions unanswered. In this video, Jennifer Litner gives a straight-forward approach on how parents can start these conversations with their kids. Watch the video.

    Members only: Protecting Your Child From Bullying

    Bullying Thumbnail.JPG







    Childhood bullying a serious issue. According to the CDC's 2017 report Preventing Youth Violence, 1 out of 5 kids reported being bullied. NPN has teamed with Dr. Kortney Peagram, Bulldog Solutions to tackle the topic of childhood bullying and identify strategies for working with schools. Watch the video.


    Members only: Internet Safety and How to Navigate the Virtual World

    Internet Safety Thumbnail.JPG







    Children and teens interact with internet using a variety of social media and apps, and each presents its own safety concerns. In this 37-minute video Dr. Kortney Peagram of Bulldog Solutions discusses popular apps, the meaning behind emojis and how to keep kids safe online. Watch the video.

    Members only: CPS 101: Four-Part Video Series

    CPS 101 Pt. 1 Thumbnail.JPG







    NPN's popular CPS 101 presentation is now available in a four-part video series for any NPN parent searching for information about Chicago Public Schools. NPN Executive Director and CPS parent, Elizabeth Knutson, shares her parent experience of navigating the application, testing, and waitlist process while presenter Grace Lee Sawin of Chicago School GPS breaks down the facts in an easy-to-understand format. Watch the videos.


    Members only: Getting Through Divorce With Your Finances Intact: Three-part Video SeriesDivorce and Your Finances Pt. 1 Thumbnail.JPG






    During a divorce, it’s important to make sure your finances survive this transition. That’s why NPN has partnered with the Law Office of Jennifer Guimond-Quigley to develop a three-part webinar series that explores the financial implications of divorce and how to keep your finances afloat during this life change. Watch the videos.


    Members only: Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: The Most Common Complication of Pregnancy & Childbirth

    Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders thumbnail.JPG







    Are you or someone you love struggling with feelings of anxiety, extreme sadness or feeling very overwhelmed following childbirth? Nancy Segall of Beyond the Baby Blues and Claire Zawa of Birthways Inc. share information and resources for expectant and new parents about the causes, symptoms and treatments for postpartum depression. Watch the video.


    Members only:  Separation Anxiety in the Early Years


    Not sure if you and your child are ready to kiss and go? Check out this 30-minute webinar presented by Michelle Lee of Fussy Babies Network, a project at the Erikson Institute. Lee gives a thorough overview of the causes behind separation anxiety as well as ways to calm you and your child's fears on the first day of school. Watch the video.

    Members only: Healthy and Happy Sleep for You and Baby


    Dr. Daniel Weissbluth believes that quality sleep guidance from the moment your baby comes home from the hospital can prevent many future sleep problems. In this 60-minute video, Dr. Weissbluth discusses how to establish healthy sleep habits for newborns. Watch the video.


    Members only: Chicago Public and Private Preschool Primer


    Get ahead of the game by watching this 35-minute webinar about navigating the preschool selection process from Chicago GPS's Grace Lee Sawin. Watch the video. 
    Find CPS deadline dates and more updated info for the 2020-2021 school year here. Learn about the city's Universal Pre-K rollout here.


    Members only: Parenting An Anxious Child


    Dr. Debra Kissen sheds light on practical, easy-to-implement tips and tools to assist your child in moving past their fears. Watch the video.



    Are you looking for tips and strategies to help your child with special needs? Watch and learn from special education experts, therapists, parents, school administrators, physicians and more! NPN's Developmental Differences on-demand video library is free for members and non-members.

    Individualized Education Program (IEP) Three Part Video Series

    IEP Three Part Video Series Title Slide.jpg








    Whether you are just starting to consider an IEP for your child or your child has had one for a few years, it is important to understand the terms, organize your documents, and know how to advocate for your child. NPN has teamed up with autism expert and special education advocate Mo Buti to educate parents on the ins and outs of the IEP process. Watch the videos.


    Parent Toolbox: Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Young Child with Special Needs Succeed

    Parent Toolbox ThumbNail.JPG

    This 45-minute webinar offers information and resources about the special education process once your child enters school. Parents will learn special needs laws, terms and acronyms, timelines and strategies for advocating for your child. Watch the video.


    Potty Training for All Abilities

    Potty Training for All Thumbnail.JPG

    In this 60-minute webinar, Chicago-based developmental and occupational therapist Dr. Laura Mraz uncovers strategies to help parents get on track with potty training typically developing toddlers and those with various developmental delays. Watch the video.


    Care for the Caregiver


    Being a parent is hard, and when you have a child with developmental, health, learning or attention challenges, the demands increase. Watch this 40-minute video and learn relaxation techniques and self-care skills designed especially for parents of children with special needs. Watch the video.


    Home Hacks for Sensory Integration


    Occupational therapists Sarah Flood and Joanna Pasheluk at Chicago Pediatric Therapy & Wellness Center provide sensory awareness information to educate parents on identifying and addressing their child's sensory needs at home. Watch the video.






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