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  • CPS Preschools Decoded

    NPN Meredith M

    Learn the differences between CPS Magnet Preschools, Tuition Based Preschools and Chicago Early Learning preschools. Get insight on finding the right preschool setting for your little one. This hour long webinar session will cover the various types of programs available, factors to consider, application processes, and how to time your search to find the best preschool option to meet your family’s needs. 





    Grace.jpeg.026e2cf3e62a6a35dafc617de102aeeb.jpegGrace Lee Sawin, Chicago Schools GPS: Not being a native of Chicago, Grace Lee Sawin had no idea how daunting it would be to find a great school fit for her girls. She quickly discovered how confounding the process was. After years of research and a few different schools for her daughters, she founded Chicago School GPS to help other families successfully navigate the ever-changing Chicago school landscape, from preschool to high school.  

    Edited by NPN Meredith M

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