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Government Benefits for Kids with Special Needs


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Raising a child is expensive, especially when your child has special needs. Government benefits are helpful however understanding the process can be overwhelming.  Well NPN is here to help! In this session, we will discuss what types of benefit programs exist, which benefits programs are available to you,  and what is needed for the application process.  You will walk away with clarity about government benefits and how to set your child up with financial support as they become an adult.  This session is helpful for parents of special needs children from ages 3 to 22.


Our Esteemed Presenter: Sherri Schneider, founder,  Family Benefit Solutions, Inc

For more than 25 years, Sherri has been tirelessly dedicated to helping individuals with special needs and their families. Her career began as a Case Manager in a Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) where she helped those with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses acquire the government benefits they so desperately needed, including SSI, Medicaid, and food stamps. She was instrumental in creating one of the first Community Living Facility (CLF) facilities funded under a Medicaid waiver.


Sherri now meets privately with families to thoroughly assess their individual situations and pursue the appropriate benefit assistance program(s), personally guiding them through the application process. Based on her vast experience, she has skillfully established and maintained open, productive relationships with government agencies involved in the decision-making process. Professionals find her in-service expertise to be invaluable as they navigate the government benefit process.



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