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  • Keisha Mathew

    Keisha Mathew is an artist, social activist, world history enthusiast, mental health professional, group counselor, content creator, and a party planner extraordinaire for her family.

    Keisha Mathew

    Keisha Mathew is an artist, social activist, world history enthusiast, mental health professional, group counselor, content creator, and a party planner extraordinaire for her family.

    Mother's Day ideas for Chicago moms

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    Ideas on what to give mothers and where to take them in Chicago on Mother's Day.


    Moms are incredibly resilient and inspiring. We play instrumental roles in shaping the lives of our children. The communities we live in rely on us and our dedication. Our households function under the faith that we’ll always be there to maintain order (or at least the perception of order!). It’s no question that we are the backbones of our families.

    These are just some of the many reasons why there is a national holiday for us! Every generation of moms inspires the next, just like the moms in my family have inspired me.

    On Mother’s Day, kids across the world draw images of flowers on a card or give a pot of dirt with budding seeds in it as a gift to their mother. Of course, she deserves more than what is given to her, but it is cute nonetheless. As we grow up, most of us begin to learn that mothers can’t truly be gifted what they are actually worth to their children and families. But the gesture is still as priceless as the memories they leave behind.

    If the mother in your life enjoys priceless gifts, here are some special ways to honor her in our city.

    Connect with the other great mother, Mother Nature:

    • Chicago Botanic Garden -  Celebrate spring in one of the most beautiful places for the best Mother’s Day selfies!
    • Lake Michigan for a bike ride, or a stroll and or a picnic for the queen of the house
    • Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for some meaningful connection to nature
    • Garfield Park Conservatory - This final day of its spring event is sure to celebrate mom.
    • Lincoln Park Zoo - Watch momma animals with their mini-mes.
    • Picnic - Indoor or outdoor bliss while the insects have not yet become a nuisance

    DIY ideas:

    • Make a surprise brunch - Less hectic, cheaper than an outing and more fun for everyone 
    • Create an at-home spa day to bring laughter and somewhat of a comfort to the woman who rarely gets a moment to herself
    • Mom’s personal helper for the entire day - Let mom relax and not lift a finger!
    • Create a special gift for soon-to-be-moms - The anticipation of becoming a mother is such an exciting time for many women. Perhaps something with cultural or spiritual meaning she can one day share with her child.
    • Offer care and support to women who have experienced the loss of a child.

    No matter what you and your loved ones decide to do on this day that honors our most cherished caregiver, remember to tell her how special she is to you. Verbalizing your appreciation for her role in your life is the most meaningful gift of all!

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