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  • Let's hear your thoughts on CPS's plan of action regarding sexual abuse

    CPS released a plan of action in response to allegations of mishandling of sexual abuse cases in its schools. What do you think of this plan?

    A week ago, the Chicago Tribune broke a story about the lack of response, action and follow-through regarding sexual abuse at Chicago Public Schools. Since this report broke, CPS has taken steps to address the issue, including sending this plan of action to community-based organizations like NPN. 

    We're sharing this here with you so you can be aware of CPS's plan, and to facilitate a discussion about protecting children from abuse. What do you think about this plan of action? Do you think CPS should be doing more? Doing things differently? Or does this seems like an appropriate plan? NPN members can go to this thread on the main discussion forum to discuss the many facets of this issue. 



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