Family Fitness at the Park!

Written by: Mistie Lucht

All summer, Playground Pointers and NPN have been sharing all kinds of amazing playgrounds for you to experience.  Now, here is a way to experience playgrounds in a different way – by playing with your kids and staying fit at any playground you visit.

Playground Pointers has partnered with Coach Kimmy Personal Fitness to bring you 5 fun and challenging exercises for the entire family.  Get moving and get playing!

Bench Bunny Hop Overs:  

·      Find any park bench and place your right foot in the center of the bench, and your left foot on the ground (left side of the bench).  

·      Next, lower into a squat, and then quickly hop over to the other side so that your left foot will now be in the center of the bench, and your right foot will be on the ground (right hand side).  

·      Repeat this movement alternating sides going quickly!  Do 10 reps per side, 20 total.

Feet Touch The Sky Reverse Pushups:  

·      Find any bench and place both toes on the bench with your hands on the ground in front of you. Your body will be parallel to the ground.  

·      Do 20 pushups in this position.  Too easy?  Try 10 with your right leg in the air and then 10 with your left leg in the air. Touch the sky with your feet!

Ice Cream Bench Dips:  

·      Find any park bench, ladder or stairs and place both palms of your hands on it with your back toward the bench.  

·      Put your legs out straight in front of you with your heels in the ground.

·      Bend arms down and then up. 

·      Pretend like you are dipping your bum in ice cream without touching the ground!  Do 15 reps. This works your triceps.

Reverse Lunge Grasshopper Jumps

·      Find any bench and place your right toe on the bench and take your left foot forward on the ground in front of you.  You will be in a reverse lunge position.  

·      Next, go down into your lunge, and then on the way "up" from the lunge, have your left foot leave the ground.  

·      Repeat 12 reps per leg and then switch leg position. You’ll be strong and jumping like a grasshopper after this exercise!

Hang Like A Monkey:

·      Grab the monkey bars with both of your hands and let your body hang straight.  

·      From this position, bring both legs up straight so that your body is in an "L" position.  

·      Make monkey noises (optional!) Do 10 Reps. This works your shoulders and abs.

Got any go-to family fitness moves that you want to share? Comment Below!

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 1:11 PM