Summertime School Prep

Written by: GEMS World Academy Chicago

With summer appearing on the horizon, it is easy to put thoughts of school on the back burner.  With lots of new experiences, people and surroundings coming this fall as your child enters a new school, take advantage of this time to prepare yourself and your child for the coming transitions.

  • Pass by your child’s new school so the building and surroundings become familiar.
  • If you can, meet the teacher.  Even just using the teacher or school’s name positively helps your child feel at ease. 
  • Discuss your own happy memories of school.  Talk about how exciting it is to make new friends!
  • Talk about the school day and routines- drop off/pick up, lunch, bathroom breaks, etc. Children like to know what to expect.
  • Practice getting ready for school. Establish routines.
  • Attend orientation events so your child sees familiar faces in their classroom.
  • Review all new family materials, especially the school handbook. Contact the school with questions about school attire, supplies, etc. Be prepared!
  • Ask to be involved in parent associations, volunteer opportunities and parental events as the school year begins.
  • Prepare your child for the practicalities of the school day. Can they put on their coat and shoes? Can they eat independently? If your child naps, it might be time to start transitioning to “quiet time” instead.
  • Once school starts, make it a habit to ask about their day. What books did they read? What happened during circle time? Can they teach you a new song they learned? Continue open communication with the teacher as well.

The first weeks of school are key to creating a positive school experience for the rest of the year.  While you are enjoying the summer, make sure you are also thinking ahead to kicking off the new school year correctly.

At GEMS World Academy-Chicago, a new international school opening this fall, families and teachers will work together to create a global community of learners. We look forward to welcoming interested families to our growing community.

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 1:35 PM