Elementary School & Beyond

Written by: Melanie Schlachter

Just because your child(ren) started school, doesn't mean you necessarily have all of the answers. For over 34 years, NPN has been helping Chicago families connect with the resources they need to navigate city parenting, primarily focusing on pregnancy through preschool aged kids. However, we recognize that there are so many more questions and so many more trusted resources that NPN can provide as kids get a little older.

As the parent of a Kindergartener (with my second one only a year behind) I'm slowly realizing these new challenges and understanding whay they mean when they say "bigger kids = bigger problems". :-)

Being a "city family" we're fortunate to have a ton of resources at our fingertips. So how do you figure out what sports programs are available, which camps are geared towards "older" kids, where and when to start music lessons, and how to try out for a swim team or (gulp) find age-appropriate instruction if, like me, you've failed to persist with swim lessons until now.

We also recognize there are questions that you may not always feel comfortable asking the parent next to you in line at school pick up. What if your child needs extra support inside or outside of the classroom? How do you find a tutor or specialiest? What if your elementary school child is feeling excluded on the playground or bullied? 

Our Elementary School & Beyond forum is a newly created discussion forum created exclusively for these situations. We invite you to post your pressing questions, and connect with families going through similar challenges. We've created this forum to help streamline, so you no longer have to wade through topics that may no longer be relevant (such as infant sleep, potty training, etc.) to find the answers you need.

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Posted on May 13, 2014 at 5:34 PM