NPN's Online Silent Auction Guide to Bidding

Written by: Colleen Pellissier

The Biggest NPN Shopping Event of the year is open for PREVIEW!  Bidding opens May 1st and closes at 9pm CST on Sunday, May 4th.

Once you've had a chance see our nearly $100,000 in goodies for Chicago families, make sure to place YOUR maximum bids online!  We know how crazy life can get - set your max bid and rest easy.  You can stop back in and visit "your items" or check your email notification to make sure you are still in the lead.

How To Bid:

  1. Go to:
  2. If you are new to Bidding For Good online auctions, click the Register to Bid button in the top center of the homepage. Enter necessary contact information and click “Submit”.
  3. If you already have a Bidding For Good account, type in your username and password and click “Sign In”.
  4. Click the left hand side View All Items button to peruse 400+ amazing items OR click on individual categories to shop item by list.
  5. Select the item(s) on which you’d like to bid.
  6. Enter your current bidmaximum bid and/or straight bid. For more information about these types of bids, see below. Make sure to click the Confirm Bid button to ensure that your bid is properly processed.
  7. Track your bids by clicking the My Items button.
  8. To update your account or credit card information, click the My Account button.
  9. Check your email for updates when there is activity on your items.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • Do I need to enter credit card information into the system in order to bid?  Yes. Your bid is considered your commitment to purchase the item at that price. If you win the item, the credit card used will be charged for the item you purchased.
  • What is a “Proxy Bid”?  The website will bid for you, at the lowest possible increment needed, up to your specified maximum bid, enabling you to become the leading bidder.
  • What is a “Maximum Bid”?  Your maximum bid is the highest price you are willing to spend on an item via proxy bidding scenario. You can always increase your maximum bid if you’d like or if you’ve been outbid.
  • What is a “Straight Bid”?  A straight bid allows you to bid higher than the minimum increment immediately, instead of having to wait until the bidding is increased to that level. Enter the amount you would like to bid on an item, and check the "Straight Bid" option. The bid will be placed immediately at the amount entered.
  • Is there a “Buy It Now” option?  No. For the NPN Silent Auction, there is no “Buy It Now” option, with the exception of a few specific items.
  • Will I be notified via email if I am outbid?  Yes. Bidders are automatically opted to receive Bid Alerts when they are outbid.

Happy bidding!  Thank you for supporting our NPN Community.  Please contact if you have any questions or need any help.  Read more at Bidding for Good.

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 1:05 PM