Admissions Decisions are Out! Now what?

Written by: GEMS World Academy Chicago

You have dutifully adhered to all of the deadlines and checklist items, and now the time has come – admission decision notification day! With extensive experience in independent school admissions, here are my tips on how to navigate this new phase of the admissions cycle.

1.     Acceptance: Congratulations! All of your hard work has paid-off and you have been admitted to one or more schools. Your work is done, right? Not necessarily. Even if you have been admitted to your first choice, revisit the school. If you have been admitted to multiple schools, carve out the time to visit each one again. You have spent a considerable amount of time in the process already, so take a few more hours to confirm your initial impressions of a school. Once you have reaffirmed your choice, submit your enrollment agreement and deposit -welcome to the school community!

2.     Waitlist: This status can cause the most ambiguity. How long is the waitlist? Is the waitlist ranked? When will I be notified? The answers to these questions will vary depending on the school. A polite email or phone call can clarify the situation. If you have been waitlisted at your first choice school, be sure to let the admissions office know you are willing and able to accept an offer should a space become available. However, make sure to continue exploring alternative options, as a waitlist space may not open.

3.     Rejection: While this letter might carry the most pain, at least you know your status with the school. In my experience, it does not benefit a candidate family to ask a school to reconsider. It is much better to gracefully accept this outcome, and continue your school search.

But, what if you are waitlisted at multiple schools or you did not get accepted to any schools that you believe are a good option for your family? Don’t panic: I am a firm believer that there is a great school option for every child. Luckily, many schools, like GEMS World Academy, have a rolling admissions process. This process allows families to explore school options after the traditional application deadlines. Give the school a call and schedule a time to visit – do not limit your options!

Posted on March 12, 2014 at 4:10 PM