Catholic School’s Week: Get to Know Your Community Schools

Written by: Marjorie Hill

Sunday marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week (CSW) for Archdiocesan schools throughout Chicago. The week-long celebration occurs every year about the same time. I’m sure many of you are asking “What exactly is Catholic Schools Week?” and “What does this mean for me?”

In the simplest form, Catholic Schools Week celebrates the uniqueness of each school, showing gratitude to those who make Catholic education possible – the parish, parents, teachers, faculty and staff. Each school kicks off the week’s festivities this Sunday with a Family Mass, bringing together the entire school community to give thanks. The Mass isn’t exclusively for school families. We welcome all families to come and feel the sense of pride and the caring community that surrounds a Catholic education.

Whether you are actively looking for a school for your child or still have a couple years before applying, this is great opportunity for you to get a real sense of each school. At St. Stan’s in Bucktown/Wicker Park, we host a pancake breakfast after Mass for all school families and those interested in learning more about our school. It is the perfect time to not only meet teachers, but also talk with them one-on-one. You’ll see students who currently attend the school and speak with parents who are a part of the school community.

While not all schools hold a pancake breakfast, most Catholic schools host an open house on Sunday for prospective families. Again, it’s a great time to get inside and tour the school. For instance, at St. Stan’s our tours are student-led, which coincides with our mission and culture as the Catholic School for Leadership. At each school you will get a true sense of the community from just walking the art-filled halls and scoping out the technology and science labs available at many of our schools.

This week also begins the application process for the 2014-2015 school year. Applications are available beginning Sunday. It is important to note that acceptance priority is given to those submitting applications during Catholic Schools Week. But what if you can’t make Sunday’s Open House? Don’t worry. Most schools give tours throughout the week if you simply call to arrange a time.

So while Catholic Schools Week is a fun-filled week of activities for our school students and families, it also is the perfect time to learn more about the Catholic schools in your community.

Posted on January 28, 2014 at 3:14 PM