Seeing Double

Written by: Dana Wurzburger

If I could go back and give advice to myself in 2011 when my twins were still infants, I would.  I might whisper, “It will all be ok, you will get through this.  IT GETS BETTER!” Life with two newborns was hard.  It was a hormonal, sleep-deprived, puke-or-poop-on-every-scrap-of-clothing-we-owned kind of hard… times two!  I feel like I worried twice as much as I should have while sleeping half as much.  Don’t get me wrong- the kids have always been awesome but in terms of day to day, my experience with twins has been that as time goes on, it actually gets easier.

I am no expert as I only have the twins and can’t speak to the experience of raising kids of different ages.  When I found myself getting frustrated with two screaming infants, however, I created a list of reasons why parenting multiples can be easier in the long run to help me get through those tough days…

  • Twins eat the same things! The ability to split a kid’s meal or ice cream when they wouldn’t eat the whole thing anyway has saved us some cash. Also, snacks and meals are easier to plan when their teeth and chewing skills are at the same level.
  • Schedules for twins are the same! When planning the day, it’s easier to have both kids napping at the same time in the afternoon in order for us to have a chance to try to get out of the house in the morning.  Not to mention bedtime and not having to explain why the younger child has to go to bed early.
  • Positive peer pressure.  Sometimes when we praise one twin’s good behavior the other twin doesn’t want to be left behind.  They learn new words from each other (so far none that can’t be repeated here) and they learned to share at an early age.
  • Companionship.  Especially in our tiny condo, the kids are never really alone.  They are very attached to one another and watch out for each another, particularly for the really important things like making sure the other one gets a graham cracker, too.  They are getting better and better at entertaining themselves and playing together which means we can catch up on all the laundry and dirty dishes that were ignored for the first two years of their lives.
  • Limited child paraphernalia.  To the untrained eye it would seem that our condo is exploding with clothes and toys of all developmental levels and genres, but actually we have been able to limit our hoarding to each stage the twins are in currently.  It also feels good to know that if I dig around in my diaper bag and pull out one lone diaper that it will fit whomever it is that is having the issue.
  • Themes for costumes or birthday parties are super fun with kids the same age!  We had a ”Double-Bubble” birthday party and the kids were Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween!
  • Developmentally, twins are similar.  We can sign up for classes and not worry that one child is too old or young for things like swimming lessons, soccer, or dance.  Most times there is a multi-child discount, too. 

Now as a parent of twin toddlers, I have to say that life is pretty great.  We are extremely fortunate to have some amazing kids!  And, as I would tell my sleep-deprived, mommy zombie self of two years ago, “It gets so much better!” On second thought, voices from the future whispering things to me at that time in my life may have been too much to handle considering I cried upon forgetting something at the grocery store.  I'll maybe just stick to writing this blog of hope for parents with young twins.

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 8:06 AM