Travel the World- Without Leaving Chicago!

Written by: GEMS World Academy Chicago

Experiencing different cultures is an essential part of a child’s development. Now more than ever, children are growing up in a world with stronger global connections and the need for understanding others is essential. Chicago is a culturally rich city full of unique global experiences that we can share with our children which is precisely the reason GEMS World Academy is so fortunate to call downtown Chicago our home. The possibilities to explore are boundless. Here are some of my favorites:   

Learn a foreign language.

Pick up a foreign language together at The Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center which offers youth and children courses. Mandarin not your thing? The Instituto de Cervantes offers children’s Spanish classes and other kid friendly cultural events like flamenco dancing.

Discover different continents.

Take a stroll through the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Regenstein African Journey to experience animals like the African Spoonbill or the Baringo Giraffe. The Field Museum has a permanent exhibition dedicated to Africa where you will see exquisitely beaded masks, Benin bronze sculptures or items from the Royal Place of the Bamum in Cameroon. Or take an exotic trip down the amazon at the Shedd Aquarium to take a look at their anacondas, piranhas and rays.  

Explore the city’s multicultural museums.

Take in Greece by visiting the National Hellenic Museum and participating in one of their family programs listening to storytelling in the galleries or by creating your own work of art. Attend a Saturday art class at the National Museum of Mexican Art and browse their collection that showcases more than 3,000 years of creativity.

Get lost in dance.

This season, the Joffrey journeys around the globe to exotic India and Italy and back to Russia, the mother country home of ballet’s finest work, for their award winning performances. The Joffrey also offers dance classes and summer camps to develop a passion for dance at a young age.

Take a swing at cricket.

Learn a new sport and get active with your family by playing together at one of the Chicago Park District’s four cricket fields. If you prefer to watch it from the sidelines, take a visit to one of the American Cricket Conference’s many games.

Cook up a French feast.

Bring French culture and food to your kitchen table by trying your hand at one of Alliance Française Chicago’s family cooking classes. Expand your cooking repertoire past French Toast to cuisine that even your children will enjoy.

And the list doesn’t end there. There are countless museums, art galleries and cultural institutions to visit and explore. At GEMS World Academy-Chicago, we will take advantage of everything Chicago has to offer to connect students to the city’s heritage and internationally recognized cultural institutions through weekly field trips for every student.

By taking advantage of the diverse cultures that make up this great city, we can help our children not only better understand others but better understand themselves.

Posted on December 01, 2013 at 2:22 PM