NPN Kiddos Sound Off: What are you thankful for?

Written by: Christa Reed

I am endlessly thankful for the Volunteers and Staffers that make NPN THE greatest parenting resource in the City. But I wanted to know what their kiddos were thankful for, so we asked them. Here's what they had to say:

Abby (2):  "Pinecones and Raisins"

Alex (3): "Ice cream"

Evie (6): "That my parents have enough money for food and shelter...and hot dogs"

Leela (7): "I am thankful for family and friends"

Isaac (2):  "Nature Museum" (Peggy Notebaert)

Jett (7): "For swimming lessons"

Shiven (4): "I'm thankful for friendship bracelets that people give me"

Kai (5): "For swimming lessons, that I see my friends from soccer at my swimming lessons, and that I am student of the month in kindergarten".

Lucas (2): "Trains and Pizza"

Nathan (4): "Heart pictures that I made my mom and for loving people"

Riley (5): "Family and ALL things"

Rio (2): "My friends and my toys"

RJ (5): "My friends and my toys....oh, and my family"

Sonia (14):  "Gymnastics, friends, family, and Catching Fire"

Timothy (11):  "Family, friends, Legos, sports, and snow!"
Clara (4): "My teachers, friends, family, neighbors....everyone in the world but not bad guys"
Jack (6): "My parents, all sports, soldiers who keep our country safe....and everything my sister said"
Tycen (4): "Annie" (his best girl pal at school) and "books"
Brielle (2): "Treats, puppy, and orange"
Two Friends (6): "That we can help people that need food and that we go to a great school together" 
And of course we are most thankful for THEM! 
Take a second and ask your kiddos what they're thankful for. Comment with their answers below!
Posted on November 25, 2013 at 11:18 AM