Caring For Your New Baby: Beyond Feeding and Sleeping

Written by: Allison Levine

You safely made it home from the hospital and sort of, kind of, a little bit, started to acclimate to the tiny human being who has joined your family.  Just as you begin to get in a bit of a routine (it’s all sort of hazy because sleep isn’t really included in your life anymore!), your partner returns to work.  Now what!?!  You’ve heard tons of advice, some solicited, some not, about the best nursing tank tops, types of bottles, formula brands, non-leaky diapers, miracle blankets, rocking chairs, and websites for baby supplies… but what about guidance about what to actually DO with your baby all day long?

Caring for a new baby is overwhelming.  Everyone wants to do what’s best for their baby, but what does that mean?  How do you do it? Beyond feeding and sleeping, caring for a new baby means creating and nurturing an emotional connection that sets the tone for your baby’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. 





Learn to promote healthy brain development for your baby

  • Show that you have an understanding of your baby’s needs by your tone of voice, your facial expressions, your looks, and your touch. 
  • Engage with your baby.  Play games that elicit smiles and giggles and are enjoyable for both of you.
  • Nurture your baby.  Soothe him, rock him, and show him that he’ll always be taken care of. 
  • Help regulate your baby’s emotions.  Play with your baby so that you enjoy and connect with him.  Notice when there is too much activity and help him to calm down when he is overwhelmed. 

To get more information about babies’ early brain development and specific ideas of how to interact with your baby to foster your baby’s health cognitive, social, and emotional development, contact Allison Levine at The Theraplay Institute at and be on the lookout for Caring For Your New Baby parent workshops at The Theraplay Instutute. To learn more about Theraplay, visit, join us on Facebook or contact us at 847.256.7334 at  

Posted on September 05, 2013 at 7:27 PM