Exercising With Your Kids: Build a Healthier & Happier Family

Written by: Orange Shoe Personal Fitness

There isn’t a better time to start exercising with your children than spring.  A healthier family results in happier children and parents.  The warm weather provides endless (and cheap!) opportunities to get creative in your activities, especially in our park-friendly city.

Exercising with your children has the obvious benefits of improving your family’s cardiovascular, bone, joint, and overall health.  However, it’s the lesser known benefits of exercise that are most meaningful in growing a happy family.  There are significant social and psychological benefits of exercising.  For children in particular, sports and exercise improve confidence and assist in the development of communication and teamwork skills.  Further, during exercise your body releases “feel good” hormones known as endorphins.  These endorphins will take some stress out of your day and put a smile on your child’s face.  Finally, exercising will tire you both out, making for a quiet, peaceful night of sleep!

There has never been a time that children have been more sedentary.  It’s up to you as a parent to make sure your child is active.  Set a good example by being active yourself.  Your kids will follow your lead.  So get outside and have fun while building a better family!  Here are some ideas on how a family can be active in Chicago:

  • Walking the beach
  • Biking the lakefront
  • Playing  with the dog at the park
  • Having a catch
  • Creating obstacle/agility courses
  • Showing your kids how its done on the swing or monkey bars
  • Sports in the park (forget the rules and play for fun or have a contest): Tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, soccer, frisbee, whiffle ball, swimming, running, etc.
  • Rainy day? Play hide and seek, have a pushup/air squat/sit up contest, build an obstacle course, dress up and host a dance competition, do a workout dvd together, or embrace exercise themed video games!

Aside from exercising, make it a point to be healthier.  Tell your kids why you are doing certain healthy activities and make it fun.  For example:  
  • Take the stairs every time, and see who can get to the top the fastest
  • Walk the dog as a family after dinner every night 
  • Eat fruits/veggies with every meal, and see who can eat the largest variety each week
  • Stay away from soda, and teach your kids that it’s harmful for their bones and muscles
Exercising with your children fosters a healthier, livelier, and happier family.  Your family is a team, and the parents are the captains.  Use the information above, the internet, and reliable fitness resources to make your team a winning team.  The good folks at Orange Shoe Personal Fitness (3845 N Lincoln) are here to answer any specific exercise questions you may have.  We also have more tips on ways to be active with your kids. Stop by to check out our studio and chat about healthy living.  We look forward to seeing you outside soon!

photo credit: Josh Koonce via photopin cc

Posted on May 09, 2013 at 3:42 PM