Stay Creative This Spring

Written by: Nora Stewart

You've probably thought about cleaning out a closet or clearing out a junk drawer or two this Spring. Maybe you've even thought about a nutritional cleanse or another way to transform your body. What about all the old thoughts, visions, goals and images from the New Year that still hang in your head like cobwebs?

This clutter may be blocking your ability to unleash your creative spring spirit. Creativity is crucial for success in the real world. Why? Because there's seldom one right answer to a question or one right solution to a problem.
Here's a list of activities for you and your family that will keep your creative juices flowing:
  • Art Class: Unicoi Art Studio has drop in classes for adults, children and even for the whole family.
  • Photography: Allow your child supervised use of a camera and then encourage him or her to recreate the item photographed by either drawing or painting it, or decorate a picture frame and frame the photo.
  • Scavenger hunt: Challenge yourself to hide fun objects in “not so obvious places” use the terms “hot” and “cold” when your child is either close or far from the hidden object to guide them along.
  • Arts in the Streets: Encourage your child to get creative on your driveway and sidewalk with chalk.
  • Have a picnic: Allow your child to help make the meal and take the opportunity to teach him or her the importance of healthy snacking and the end of the day encourage your child to relive the day through story telling or writing.
  • Plant a garden: Test out your green thumb, plant a flower or herb and watch it grow. Keep it creative by painting or drawing yourgarden at each stage of growth
Visit our website to learn more about art and mixed media classes you and your family are sure to enjoy!
Posted on April 18, 2013 at 12:02 PM