Please, No Capris! Fashion Tips from the Lakeview Group Mom's Night Out

Every day I open my closet to find…tons of clothes but nothing to wear. Whatever the day calls for, a play date in the park or an evening concert with my husband, I feel lacking in the fashion department.  After wearing maternity clothes for the better part of year and now wearing a uniform of t-shirt/jeans most days at home with my daughter, “fashion” has fallen to the wayside.

Needless to say I was thrilled when fashion consultant, Noelle Cellini, spoke out the NPN Lakeview Club’s June Mom’s Night Out and addressed exactly my predicament. Over 30 Moms joined to hear her “What Not to Wear” presentation. Noelle goes through closets every day as owner of My Best Foot Forward and gave us a detailed outline on the 20 best “foundation” items every woman should own.

Noelle loves a neutral blazer over just about anything. I have many left over from my corporate days and she gave tips on how to pair them with jeans and fun jewelry for a chic night out.

She also referenced the style of Kate Middleton and showed examples of how Kate knows the best silhouette that works on her and sticks with it no matter the occasion.  Read Noelle's June newsletter, Style Lessons from Kate Middleton, for more great tips.

Noelle focused on dressing differently for different body types but there is one item she would not recommend for anyone- Capri pants. This was controversial as many Moms in attendance spend a lot of time in the cropped pants. She explained the reason for her dislike (Capri pants “cut” the line of the body in an unflattering way) and it was easy to see she is right. I took away a lot of good fashion tips and my closet feels new but to be honest, most of my time is spent playing on the floor with a 13 month old. And she doesn’t really seem to mind my Capri pants.


   A few other tips from Noelle:

  •  A trench is the perfect transition coat for spring and fall, but it doesn’t have to be in khaki.  Khaki is actually a very hard color to wear by the face (but if you do, I love it with a touch of red – a red lip, a red bag or a red scarf), so I suggest something in a color.  A beautiful purple, teal or red trench will pop against jeans and is still very versatile. 
  • When in doubt, choose metallic (gold, bronze, pewter or silver).  Metallics are updated neutrals and a great addition to any wardrobe, because, well, black shoes do not go with everything - metallics do.  The same idea applies to handbags as a metallic bag will take you through every season.
  • Square-toed shoes are dated and chop off the line of the leg.  It creates a very blocky appearance on the body.  Instead, opt for pointy or round-toed shoes.  A pointy toe helps continue the line of the leg, making you look taller.  Adding the illusion of height is always good because height helps balance out width. 
Posted on July 21, 2011 at 2:36 PM