NPN Perks! Discounts on Sanity Saving Parenting Classes

Written by: Ellie Ander

Parenting is really hard... let NPN Partner Parenting Perspectives make it easier with an important four-session parenting class. Becoming a Conscious Parent: Tools & Principles for Parenting from Your Heart will help your family set limits, discipline with love, prevent power struggles, and much more. NPN Members receive an exclusive 20% discount!

Becoming a Conscious Parent: Tools & Principles for Parenting from Your Heart. Enhance your skills of:

  • Controlling your reactivity when your buttons are pushed
  • Handling temper tantrums, back talk, aggressive/mean behavior, sibling rivalry, oppositional behavior
  • Following through on consequences/ letting the child be disappointed or sad
  • Empowering vs. rescuing
  • Fostering self esteem
  • Managing your own anxieties, stress and anger
  • Parenting through illness, divorce, stress
  • Creating a grounded, connected family

This course helps parents to regain their joy for parenting and feel competent even when children are difficult. Recommended for parents of children ages 2 – 12.

When: Tuesday evenings 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19 7pm-9pm
Where: The Catherine Cook School, 226 W. Schiller St, Chicago (Old Town area), additional courses in Northfield and La Grange!
Cost: $125, NPN Members receive 20% off
Who: Adults only
To register and redeem the discount, e-mail me, or call 312-330-3194, and mention NPN.
Questions: For more information (or details) about the class and all of our services for parents and families, visit or contact

If you knew 8 hours could bring positive changes to your family, would you find the time?

This NPN Perks discount is brought to you by our generous Partner, Parenting Perspectives - thank you! Check out our entire discount Perks database for your favorite shops and services today!

Posted on February 11, 2013 at 2:37 PM