10 things moms wish they knew before going into labor

Written by: Sarah Cobb

As you get the nursery ready, think about how you are going to count contractions, and contemplate what to pack in your hospital bag, NPN moms have 10 things they wish they knew before the big day!  

  1. Try to relax – get a pedicure, haircut, squeeze in a nap, go out with friends, and do whatever helps you unwind – it is much harder to do these things after the baby arrives
  2. Post-partum reality - the effects of delivery are often suprising, messy, and uncomfortable.  Every person is different – but most women are caught off guard by the aftermath on their bodies
  3. C-Sections happen - read up on c-sections just in case it happens.  It is not the end of the world. You don’t want to waste your energies worrying about it or being upset that it happened.
  4. Breastfeeding support - If you plan on trying to breastfeed, do a little research on recommended and available lactation consultants.  Moms have had mixed experiences with the breastfeeding support at local hospitals.  Most wish they had someone on standby to call for help.
  5. Take the meds at the hospital - take the stool softener pills they will give you at the hospital - you will need it
  6. Get your house in order – use your nesting energies to prep food for the freezer, stock up on non-perishables, pick up a stash of your favorite snacks, and get your house is good order
  7. Baby Nails - be very careful about new baby nails – ask the nurse to show you how to care for them.
  8. Germy germs - don’t feel bad about asking people to wash their hands before touching the baby and if visiting children seem germy – you can also ask their parents to have them wait to hold the baby until a later time
  9. Accept and ask for help - family, friends, and/or co-workers want to support you but don’t always know how.  Figure out what you need help with and when someone offers – please take it : )
  10. Go in open minded - stick with your birthplan or expectations but know that the only thing that matters is that you and your baby are healthy.  No one wants a c-section or an episiotomy but sometimes things happen.  

Through all of it, make sure you take several moments to breath deeply and pat yourself on the back!  It is an amazing experience no matter how it unfolds – you are making a human being (or more than 1).  Good luck and please share your lessons learned with our NPN readers.

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photo credit: Shutter Daddy via photopin cc

Posted on December 19, 2012 at 1:07 PM