Baby #1, Meet Baby #2

Written by: Marti Goyal

Urba Baby and NPN recently paired up with specialists from GRASP Group and On The Go Chicago to help parents expecting their second baby get some great ideas on how to best welcome their bundle of joy.  Sara Sladoje provided some sound advice on how to prepare Baby #1 for Baby #2’s arrival and Cindy McCarthy presented information on how to get around and travel with two kiddos in tow.

At Urba Baby we have some handy items of our own to make your busy life on-the-go just a little easier.

  • Hold on Handles are the dignified alternative to a baby leash. Sometimes toddlers like to feel the independence of life outside the stroller while you’re out with the new baby. Encourage their freedom, but keep them close to the stroller with these cute shapes.
  • Carry one and hold the hand of the other with Ergo! The perfect subway baby carrier will ensure nobody judges you for bringing the whole stroller on the train or bus.
  • Hand over the dried foods to one while you nurse the other with the Munchie Mug! While this is no new invention, it’s designed so the cracker crumbs can’t escape! No more mess for mom to pick up after.
  • The brand new Monkey Mat goes from a 4-inch, self-contained square to a 5x5 foot blanket for the floor.  It even has a great clip in the middle to make sure that your little one’s toys stay put!
  • Also new to the store is the incredible Grapple!  We are excited to be promoting this invention that suctions to a table and has rings for 3 toys making it impossible for your little one to play the “I’m going to drop toys on the floor at the restaurant 300 times while you try to eat your brunch” game!  This newbie is must have for parents with toddlers!!

photo credit: ThomasLife via photopin cc

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 9:24 PM