Field Play for Turkey Day

Written by: Mistie Lucht

This week, we will be exercising our mouths (eating lots of yummy food), and our patience (hanging with family and out-of-town guests), but what about our bodies? 

You don’t need a gym membership or an indoor play space to get moving over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Here are 5 fantastic Chicago playgrounds with large, adjacent green space for that game of football, tag, or any other all-family games you may play, perfect for all ages and ability levels.  AND bonus this year:  The Thanksgiving Holiday weekend in Chicagoland will have great weather.

Check out the Playground Pointers iPhone app for detailed photos!

  1. Oz Park:  Older, wooden, unique structures in the theme of the Wizard of Oz will delight the entire family (I know I love to crawlthrough the spaces and make it to the top of the towers with my girls.)  The large, adjacent open field is perfect for playing.  The entire family can go on a Wizard of Oz expedition and try to find the statues of Dorothy and Toto, the Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow.
  2. Walsh Park:  Newer climbing structures are numerous with options for all ages.  The playground and adjacent park are spacious and a perfect all-family destination.  Be sure to check out the “rolling pin” slide.  There are not many of them in the city.
  3. Winnemac Park:  This park not only has a fun all-ages playground, but the larger park itself is a beauty.  Enjoy tree-lined paths and ample green space.  Bring along bikes and scooters and tour the entire park together.
  4. Kenwood Park:  A lovely, spacious playground and park set within a very beautiful and historic park of Chicago.  Enjoy not only outdoor playtime, but the sites in the neighborhood as well. 
  5. Athletic Field Park:  A newer playground with many additional outdoor play options (wih a great water sprayer area – visit again in the summer!)  Bring along basketballs, footballs and soccer balls to engage the entire family and to burn off that pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 19, 2012 at 4:30 PM