Master Running with Kids - Stroller Entertainment 101

Written by: Melissa Stone

Now this is where it gets interesting.  Running with a child not only requires the motivation to get out the door, but now you have to take your child’s attention span into consideration.  While it can be a ton of fun, it can be a bit tricky.

Here are a few tips that I received from some of my friends, Amy and Laura who often run with their little boys.  These tips will help me master stroller entrtainment when Grace is old enough to start expressing her opinion on our our fitness plan.

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Top 10 Tips to Master Running with Kids - Stroller Entertainment 101:

#1. Snacks!  Never leave for a run without food / water for the  little one. Easy to eat finger foods like dry cereal, crackers or pretzels in a munchkins easy-to-grab-no-spill-container have worked best, as well as any type of squeezable fruit/veggie pouch.

#2. Spray bottle with water.  This is especially fun for kids on the warmer days.

#3. Bubbles.  in a toddler-friendly, no-spill container, of course.

#4. On early morning runs, keep them snuggly and warm.  Pajamas, blankies, and lovies make it all better!  Nothing ruins a run faster than a cold kiddo!

#5. Ipod stays home.  Any mother of a toddler knows how much these guys like to point out exciting things like bulldozers, bikes, and dogs.  If your child is in a talkative mood, you can both point stuff out along the way and chat about them.

#6. Include a fun, scenic destination in your run.  Run to a new park, the zoo, the ducks, or the beach.  Include the beach and even collect rocks or go for a little dip.  Running to a park is great too because you can try parks that our outside your neighborhood.

#7. Make it a treasure hunt.  Stop periodically and collect colorful leaves, rocks, or other outdoor treasures.  This is only if your kids are old enough to keep things out of their mouths.

#8.  Let your toddler run the last block with you.  They want to be just like mom and dad 

#9.  Keep runs short and sweet.  Enjoy the moment and getting outside with your little one.  Don't stress out about covering a certain distance or traveling at a certain pace.  

#10.  Let them be your coach.  Toddlers love to be included - include them in your water breaks, give them high-fives, etc.  When we put Max in the stroller, he says "run, run".  It keeps me on my toes!  Also, run intervals - toddlers love going "really fast"!

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Posted on September 17, 2012 at 9:26 PM