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Written by: Ellie Ander

Not too long ago I was in a baby sitting crises. Our beloved sitter had accepted a full-time position with benefits at a local daycare center and was putting in her *gasp* two weeks notice. I was very excited for her new endeavor, but... it was time to hit the pavement in search for another wonderful caregiver for our family. 

Hiring a new caregiver means remembering that the lines of communication need to be 100% open. As nervous as I was about introducing a new person into my children's lives, this person was probably equally nervous, if not more, about making sure our needs/expectations were being met/fullfilled. So, in my perhaps slightly obsessive compulsive nature, I wrote a family guide book. Yep, that’s right, the Ander Family Guidebook. I wrote this for two main reasons: A) to provide information in case of an emergency, B) to provide information about stuff I always forget to explain. My guide book is 10 pages long and I don’t expect Meghan to remember or memorize all of this but at least she’ll always have quick access to:

  • our garage code
  • nap routines
  • snack ideas
  • essential blankets and stuffed animals that my 3-year-old can’t live without
  • most important of all, emergency contacts allergy information, and medications.

Writing this guide book took essentially one hour - take a little time to write it out, save a lot of time worrying.

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Posted on July 24, 2012 at 1:43 PM