The 411 On Nanny Shares- Getting Organized

Written by: Jessica Minahan

The 411 on Nanny Shares- Will it work for your family?

Special Three Part Series from Sarah Davis, Olive.You.Nanny

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Part 3 of 3: Getting (and keeping!) Organized

You may think that having two different families sharing one nanny can get confusing. Well, you’re right! But don’t worry, with proper foresight, planning and organization, there’s nothing to sweat. Here are a few points to help

  • Baby logs
    • Baby logs are a great way for a nanny to share information with parents. Ask that your nanny keep a separate log for each child. It can be confusing to remember who ate when at what time and how much! So,  have your nanny keep a baby log handy so she can jot down everything that happens during the day.
  • Labeling
    • Labels are a must- mark everything! What easier way to identify each baby’s diapers, bottles, food, lovies, etc. Some families may choose to share certain items, but labeling things that are specific to each baby is a great way to stay organized and keep baby comfortable and happy.
  • Making space
    • You’ll need to clear out some space for the other child. It’s a good idea to have an extra drawer available for your share family and nanny to use. Your  nanny can keep things organized and put away and store items for each family separately. Both a dresser drawer and a space in the fridge are helpful.
  • Scheduling
    • Keeping children on the same schedule is extremely helpful for the nanny.  Try to keep the baby on the same schedule on the weekends so the nanny can keep a good thing going!

There’s so many pro’s to having a nanny share. If you’re considering this unique childcare arrangement, don’t forget to check out to find the perfect nanny share family.  Hurry- NannyShare Chicago is FREE until July 1st, so start looking today!

Special thanks to Sarah Davis, owner of Olive.You.Nanny and NannyShare Chicago for her expert advice. Reach out to Sarah for more info.

Posted on June 23, 2011 at 7:46 PM