1st Rule of Sticker Club: Smile & Just Do It!

Written by: Sarah Cobb

What is your 1st thought as a busy parent when you see an email come through with the title: "Come play - Sticker Club” and inside are all the makings of a chain letter - send it to 6 people and you get 36 letters with stickers in return?

At first, I admit, I was Debbie Downer about it.  Can I convince 6 other parents to participate given my reaction?  Do I have the time to deal with this?  After ignoring the email for a few days, I finally decided to take the  plunge!

I told Avery about our new club.  She gave me the same look she gets when Dad suggests a bike ride to Dairy Queen.  She screamed, “What?!?! I get stickers in the mail?!?!”  And so, I got off my bum, picked up a $0.99 sheet of stickers, helped her color a picture on a card, and together, we took a little stroll to the mailbox.  Along the way, we talked about the mail, stamps, addresses, letters, numbers, and even the differences between green and blue mailboxes (very confusing for a 4 year old). We picked 6 little friends and off the emails invitations went.

Less than a week later – her 1st letter arrived from Nolan at our house.  Inside was a well decorated card and a sheet of stickers.  It came from someone we didn’t know, and it had traveled all the way to Chicago from California.  Avery and I talked about where California is while she quickly covered me with stickers.  Such a great afternoon treat!  In theory, 35 more mailbox surprises are on their way.  


When I decided to post about this, I googled “Sticker Club Chain Letter.”  There is not a lot of love out there for these.  Posts range from moms struggling to find 6 parents to participate to chain-mail haters that just lump Sticker Club in with Ponzi schemes. But, I beg to differ. At least for us, it just started and it's already all good.  As I said, when you get the Sticker Club email - just smile and do it.

So, if you have a preschooler and are looking for an easy, fun project that costs just over a $1 and provides bits of fun and excitement for weeks to come – give it a try!

Here’s a sample Sticker Club Chain Letter to get you started:

Dear (your child’s friend’s name),

Welcome to the STICKER CLUB!!!!!  Please send 1 packet of stickers to the person listed in Spot 1.  Next, move my name to Spot 1 and place your name in Spot 2.  Then, send this letter to 6 of your friends.

If you cannot do this within 6 days, please let my Mommy know because it would not be fair to those who have participated.  Within 2 weeks, you should get 36 packets of stickers.  It is lots of fun and very exciting to see where your stickers come from.  It's also fun to get mail!!  Thank you for joining the STICKER CLUB!!!  It will be fun!

Your friend,


Spot 1


Spot 2


Posted on June 23, 2011 at 12:17 PM