Parent Perks! Hangin' Out at the Beach

Written by: Ellie Ander

"Can we go to the beach? Pllleassssse?!" Of course this tends to be more of a demand from my 3-year-old than a question. And with the littler one who is now enjoying her new found freedom of crawling, it conjures up all sorts of lists of stuff to bring to keep the kiddos safe and occupied. Followed by these lists are more internal questions: "Will I find parking? How far away from the beach? How hot is the car going to be when we get back to it?" Argh!

List #1: Keep 'em safe: 

  • Sunscreen! According to the American Academy of Dermotologists "by June 2012, you’ll begin to see several changes to sunscreen labels. These changes, which are required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will provide you with more information about what type of UV protection a sunscreen offers, and what a sunscreen can do."
  • Floaties! Did you know that all float toys while used in the lake, inlcuding arm floaties, must be US Coast Guard approved? It's simple, check the lable of your next purchase to be sure it says "Coast Guard approved".
  • Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink! Lug in those heavy water bottles and be sure to keep everyone fluid. Drink up and avoid lugging the extra weight back to your car. Watch for early signs of dehydration.
  • Water shoes! Those rocks and sticks are sharp.

List #2: Keep 'em occupied:

  • Sand Toys! The Dollar store can be a great place to find these little wonders that seem to disappear everytime we leave a site. Our favorite sand toy is a sand sifter. My little one loves seeing what prizes are revealed after the sand slips away.
  • Cooler! A large one on Wheels! With lots of yummy snacks! Avoid lifting and keep everything chilled from string cheese to towels.
  • Small radio! Let out some energy with a dance party.
  • Plastic container! Collect safe beach items for art projects later down the road.

... And finally, the parking! Today's Parent Perk brings a special garage parking price of $12 (normally $18) for hours of fun at Oak Street Beach, and any nearby shops or restaurants you dare to venture. Click here for a full list of details about this parking special! Special thanks to 1212 N. Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association for passing forward this great summer deal!

Posted on July 02, 2012 at 11:13 AM