The 411 on Nanny Shares- Finding the Perfect Family

Written by: Jessica Minahan

The 411 on Nanny Shares- Will it work for your family?

Special Three Part Series from Sarah Davis, Olive.You.Nanny

Part 1 of 3:  First things first…How do you find a family to nanny share with?

No question, it is a pretty intimidating process to search for a nanny.  But, finding a family to nanny share with can also be tricky.  There are a lot of things to keep in mind as you look for both the perfect family and nanny to share your child with. Where do you even start??

Here are a few insider tips on what to look for when meeting potential nanny share families:

Location, location, location!

  • Consider a family in your neighborhood to make commuting to and from each home easier. You’ll also be more familiar with parks, places to go, and more if they’re right in your ‘hood.

Similar Parenting Philosophies

  • It’s a good idea to talk about expectations from each other. Figure out what kind of nanny you’re looking for and make sure you’re on the same page. Get a sense of their parenting style and beliefs. Find out what they feel about things like nap schedules, being outdoors in colder weather, activities that are important, discipline techniques, etc. It’s important to be as much alike as possible.


  • Hours are a really important point to consider in a nanny share.  Ideally, you’ll need a nanny around the same hours so one family isn’t watching your child and vice versa.

Swapping Homes

  • It is standard to go back and fourth between homes monthly. Make sure both families are okay with whatever host arrangements you decide upon. Also consider how supplies will be shared- will baby food, wipes and diapers be common property? What about providing food for the nanny?


  • Two (or more!) little ones means more baby gear. You’ll likely need a double stroller and pack ‘n play. Talk about other gear (bottles, sippy cups, booster seats, potty chairs, the list can go on and on!) that you’d want for the arrangement. Nail down  these details before you move forward.

Need more tips? Check out Part 2 from Sarah Davis of Olive.You.Nanny with tips on managing your nanny share relationships - both with your partner family and nanny.

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Posted on June 22, 2011 at 8:08 AM